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Smokey in Hypserspace by Philip B Jackson

Smokey in Hyperspace

Today I came across an interesting passage out of Michio Kaku’s book Hyperspace (1994):

“Just before the expedition disappeared, it encountered a fantastical animal in the Maratan Plateau of upper Peru, an unearthly bloblike creature that was constantly changing shape in the most bizarre fashion. These black blobs hovered in midair, disappearing and reappearing and changing shape and size. The blobs then unexpectedly attacked the expedition, killing most of the men. The blobs hoisted some of the remaining men off the ground; they screamed and then disappeared into thin air.”

Here Kaku is summarizing a short story from the 1930’s by Nelson Bond entitled “The Monster from Nowhere.” Bond sought to tell a tale of what might happen were humanity to come across a four-dimensional being. And to me, Bond’s monster sounds just like Smokey!

Smokey, in all his mystery, could be explained very simply: he is a higher-dimensional being.

What is a higher-dimensional being?

So, what exactly does that mean, a “four-dimensional” being? First off, note that we’re not talking about time as the fourth dimension. Rather we’re talking about a fourth dimension of space. Also, when we talk of extra dimensions, we don’t mean alternate dimensions or alternate timelines. Rather these additional dimensions of space exist within our own universe. We simply cannot see them.

Theoretical physicists have found that the best way to unify some of the more complicated ideas in physics is by mathematically introducing higher dimensions of space in their equations. Sometimes as many as 27 dimensions of space are discussed. We, as humans, obviously cannot visualize such geometries as we are limited by brains that can graphically understand only 3 dimensions. How would a three dimensional being then see a four dimensional being, were they to come in contact?

Think about how a 2-dimensional being, such as a square confined to a plane, might see a sphere. As the sphere passed through the square’s plane of existence, all the square would see would be a circle, a mere slice of the sphere. That circle would change size as the sphere passed through, growing large and then small again.

Similarly, we as humans, not having the mental faculties to understand what a four-dimensional being would look like, would only see three dimensional cross-sections, three dimensional slices, of that being. It would appear to change shape and texture as the being passed through our plane of existence. It could change size, make different noises, split into multiple pieces, and even disappear entirely.

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