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Eloise Turned The FDW by DeeDee

I still believe (I've posted this several times and places before) that at the end of The Incident the bomb does not explode....I think on the other side of the island (after Richard knocked out Eloise and Jack and Sayid leave) Eloise turns the FDW--moving the island. Listen to the weird sound right at the end of the ep. Sounds like the sound made when the sky "turns purple." Thus, why Eloise is off the island and later gives birth to Daniel in America (kids have the accent of where they are raised, not the accent of the parents). Also why, Widmore is later ousted from the island for having a relationship/family (maybe even Penny) with Eloise--an Other. If you're off the island--you'd be an Other. Also, explains her interest in the island and her need for the elaborate Lamppost...she is a former leader and they all seem to want to return after turning the wheel. Plus, she may want to prevent killing or rectify ki! lling Daniel.

IF this occurred, it's plausible that Juliet dies at the bottom of the well from her fall injuries. And that Sayid, sent to a different place with Jack, our surgeon, and no longer in danger and with adequate suppiles, survives his abdominal gun shot wound. Usually a slow, painful death.

And lastly, I feel that initially The Swan was being built to HARNESS the electromagnetic power for DI experiments. But with the leaky bomb now laying on top of that EM power The Swan (with 18 inch concrete walls and a Fail Safe key required to implode The Hatch if necessary) was then built to CONTAIN the radioactivity. The 108 minute intervals of decompression could help absorb that radioactivity, preventing serious poisoning/death on The Island (TI) but not enough to prevent infertility. Radsinsky in The Hatch as punishment or by his own design and committing suicide (maybe after long exposure to the radioactivity) was totally poetic justice by the writers!

OK, off my topic, a little -- I think Desmond is coming back with Walt via his boat (he does have the coordinates-I have to have more details about why Des and Walt are special) for The War, where I think John, Ben, Widmore, and MIB will fight against Jack, James, Kate, Des, and Jacob on the other side. Not really sure which side they will end up on or why (maybe MIB and Jacob will be vice versa!) But, I think Jack will die for the cause and Kate will end up with Sawyer/James and MAYBE a non-dead John will finally get to be the leader.

I will be watching The Incident again tonight to get ready for next week!

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