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The Real Charles Widmore by jason eddy

This is a theory that I touched on some yesterday. I did read this one before and really liked it. So I appologize if anyone feels like I stole their theory but here it goes. I truly believe that Desmond and Pennys baby charlie is the real Charles Widmore.

i believe that we will see des and penny go to the island. They may flash back into time and wind up staying on the island as Adam and Eve. Their son charles grows up there and becomes one of the leaders with Elle. Once Daniel shows up in 1977 he gets shot by his mother. Now she has his journal with all of his past , present, and future knowledge of what is suppose to happen. This is when Charles starts to go off island to build his mass fortune and set in motion the events to follow. He has always known that Desmond marrys penny and that he gets into the hatch, etc. So he does several things to get desmond on the right path (most of which involve making him fe! el unworthy of his daughter which makes him try even harder to prove him wrong ( like the boat race that brought him to the island). He also has Elloise meet him at the ring shop to make sure that things play out right. It just seems like him and Elloise have been manipulating everyone to make things happen they way they want it to. It will be very interesting to see that thye are the masterminds of flight 815 and possibly all of the things like the runway that they built on island. Maybe it all happend because they read it in Daniels journal. I also believe that Peeny might be adopted by Widmore just like Ben adopted Alex. I know it is a stretch but they still havent showed us Pennys mother yet. Baby widmore could easily take her last name instead of desmonds last name of Hume making him the real Charles Widmore

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