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When did they die? by Lost_Addict

Ok people, so I talked incessantly with my best friend about the end of the show and the meaning of it all. Basically, the main question is: When did they die?

The consensus we got after that is that our "Losties" died on the plane crash, which possibly happened in a very ordinary Island, with no special properties. I guess the very last scene, that shows the plane wreckage as if nothing ever happened points us in that direction. Their existence on the Island was the "purgatory" part, where they were supposed to "let go" of everything and become better people. The "alt" time line is basically the gateway, the "plane of existence" that eventually ends with either the characters evolving going to the church to "leave" or with another "loop" restarting.

If we think about it, the idea of loops was always in the show: press the button every 108 minutes, the looping compass Richard and Locke exchanged, MIB's loophole, etc.

Right after the episode ended I was angry: I am pretty sure that Darlton told us more than once that the Island was NOT a purgatory. Anyways, I think that was an interesting (but a little "cheap") way to "explain" the many things that are still unexplained. A few things still remain inexplicable. For example:

- Why were those people together? I'm ok with the survivors of the crash being together, because they died together when the plane crashed, but everyone else (the others, people off the island, even Jacob and MIB) have no apparent reason to be in the same "purgatory" as they are.
- Is Jacob and MIB were demigods, there to guide their "souls" (in different directions), I don't see the point in showing us "Across the Sea"...

I have several other thoughts that are hard to put on paper (specially at this hour), but I'll try to post another theory another day.


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