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A Wheel dilemma by Universe

The way I always saw it was that Ben turned the wheel and for whatever reason it unhinged it.

Faraday: 'Whatever Ben Linus did down at the orchid I think it may have dislodged us'

Then when Locke comes along to turn it, it is clunking and most certainly dislodged. yes?

But then I realised something, when Locke fell down the well hole, it was because he flashed to a time where the well had been sealed up and the orchid had not been built yet. Either way this means the wheel was unhinged/dislodged and flashing green light LONG BEFORE Ben Linus ever put his hands on it in 2004.

I always assumed Ben turned it, ice melted, then Locke comes along but that can't be true. In essence Locke turned the wheel long before Linus ever did. So who dislodged it back in them days?

This also begs the secondary question then, how did smokey/mib/whatever appear as Christian Shepherd before Christian Shepherd ever got to the Island?

so does this mean the Island has experienced the flashes before? as the wheel was doing this BEFORE the Orchid was built. That's when Locke was there and that's when he put it back on it's axis.

always buggign me is the name frozen donkey wheel, when as I mentioned earlier in comments elsewhere, the heiroglyphics stand for 'resurrection' (Darlton) so shouldn't we call it the resurrection wheel? and what's all that about then?

Why did the inhabitants who carved the herioglyphs call it that? was it meant for dead people? but dead bodies don't time travel (I think).

any ideas on this welcomed.

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