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Locke's Drug by LostnNC

I've rewatched season 1 like 3 times now and everytime I am bothered by the sudden appearance of Locke's Drug. The first time we see it is when Locke smears it on Boone's head right before Boone hallucinates Shannon's death. The vision is so real Boone tries to kill Locke until he realizes Locke drugged him and Locke says "Is that what it made you see?" I assume this is the same concoction he used in "Further Instructions" to get his sweat lodge vision.

Does this mean that Locke has already used the drug in season 1 and we just didn't see it? How did a regional manager for a box company know how to make a psycotropic drug in the middle of the jungle; where did that knowledge come from?

I have searched the net looking for any information on Locke's Drug but it is surprisingly not discussed very often. I have found virtually no theories or discussion about this and yet it seems like it could be such a major part of the whole story of lost. An island with seemingly inexplicable and fantastic events taking place and there is a guy who can make a drug out of seemingly no where that can make you have extremely lucid hallucinations.

Please forgive me if this has been discussed in great detail already, but I have been unable to find these discussions online.

This is a theory post so i want to present something I have been thinking about. According to Lostpedia, Locke's Drug is a paste that "has the color and consistency of chocolate pudding." Where else have we seen chocolate that keeps popping up in our Lostie's lives?

Apollo Bars.

From the Apollo Candy Company website:
"Sadly, in the early 1970s, the Apollo Candy Company fell into dire straits. However, due to the considerable financial intervention of Alvar Hanso, founder of the worldwide philantropic organization, The Hanso Foundation, the company was saved from bankruptcy... and infused with new life. Today, the Apollo Candy Company is alive and well as the private purveyor of chocolates for Alvar Hanso and his many companies."


I think these chocolate bars that are "FULL 'O NUTS" may be a system of delivering a dose of psycotropic hallucinagenic drugs to certain individuals at certain times in order to "course correct"?

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