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The meaning of "What ABOUT You?" by IanG

** Please note that parts of this theory have been expressed before (duplicates/bad twins), and I am just asking something based on that train of thought **

Man, that statement has bothered me for some time now.

Long story short: Jacob realizes the Ben standing before him is a duplicate of the Ben who turned the wheel.

Let me explain.

Ben finally gets his chance for answers on why the hell he wasn't important enough for Jacob. And instead, Jacob give him a karmic bitchslap with the phrase, "What ABOUT you?".

I believe that Jacob in actuality is referring to the fact that the person standing in front of him is not important. Why not? Because it's not the real Ben. Well, not the same Ben that existed on the island when 815 first crashed.

Let's look back to the long version of the Orchid video that shows the problem with two #15 Rabbits. During the experiment, two of the same rabbits existed in the same place in the same time.

Let's also look back to the deleted scene from Season 4 where Ben rides back into the desert to get to his stash, and sees what looks very much like his own body in the sand, wearing the same cold weather jacket as when he first arrived. I have seen some people say, "Well, after Ben kicked some Bedouin ass, he swapped clothes with them." Why? I understand why you'd take his clothes, but why place yours on the body? That accomplishes nothing. I believe this is Ben's duplicate, and more importantly, this is the version of Ben that turned the wheel. The one roaming free is the duplicate, the 'bad twin' if you will… but may not be aware of it. How the other one died? Who knows yet. Maybe he was actually killed by the Bedouins. But because of the time dilation, Fake Ben (Fben? unBen? CarBen Copy? OOOO, I like that one.) .. CarBen copy might have appeared just after the real Ben enough to know he better be on his guard. Obviously, that's last part is speculation.

So we're back inside the statue area, Ben vs. Jacob. He wants answers dammit. But we already see that Jacob is perceptive enough to see that Locke is not Locke. Wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that Jacob knows that Ben is not Ben. And if Ben is not the same Ben from before who he 'fixed' from the gun shot and who was leading the Others, Jacob may not have a use for him anymore.

Hence, "What ABOUT you?".

Which begs the question, did Locke also duplicate when turning the wheel? If so, maybe fake Locke is NOT actually MIB, but indeed a duplicate of the original Locke, who now lays dead on the sand… ironically how it's possible the real Ben ended up as well.

We all assume that just because MIB on the beach said he'd find a loophole and kill Jacob that he's the only one trying to kill Jacob. As we've seen time and time again (pun intended) with Lost, we don't see the whole story or in order. It may be possible duplicate Locke is has the same purpose MIB does, without actually being the same person. Maybe they both know that killing Jacob is the key to something.

Lastly, if the people in this story are Variables…. funny thing about variables… you can 'reference' them multiple times.

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