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Good vs Evil - Streaming Thoughts by Don't Tell Me

These are some streaming thoughts off the top of my head after reading a few posts and rewatching some important episodes. I'm thinking big picture here and I'd love to see what you think.

Good vs. Evil. Who is tied in to which side? The loophole is complete. MIB seems to have won, but who did he employ to get what he wanted? Remember that Jacob was responsible for everything - he touched even Locke, who it seems is the pawn of MIB. Why would he do that?

Well here is the theory. Jacob had a bunch of people he was going to bring to the island to help him prove that free will can change the future and that there is hope for human kind. They are not destined to repeat themselves in chaos and destruction for eternity. It is clearly a part of the human condition and human history, but each time we get better and closer to the true nature of our beings. Everything is progress.

Jacob chose people that he thought would help him in his chess match and MIB was trying to disprove him. But, there are rules. You cannot intervene directly. Notice how Christian (MIB) couldn't help Locke turn the donkey wheel. He can advise and give opportunities, but in the end, as Jacob tells Ben before the stabbing, "You still have a choice."

MIB believes that no matter what choice you make the inevitable will still happen anyway. So, you can tell who is good and who is evil based on these stances that are posed by Jacob and his nemisis. For instance, Mrs. Hawkings must be on the evil side. She wears a pin, which is the symbol for the eternal return on her coat. The ouroborus thing. The two snakes eating itself - yeah - that is a symbol from the ancient past that speaks to the idea that everything has happened before and will happen again - it's just a matter of time. This idea was part of the philosophy of Nietchze - a good read by the way and possible influence for the character MIB. I think all Lost fans should read up on him – check Wikipedia.

Anyway - Hawking - she also allowed for her son (who she knows she killed_ to return to the island and be killed. She has to be bad for this to happen. Who else? Widmore - clearly manipulating things off the island to make sure that certain people (Desmond in particular) make their way to the island. The whole scenario between Widmore and Desmond shows the 2 sides (Jacob and MIB) at work the entire time. Some things MIB planned for, other things Jacob covertly had in store as if he knew what was going to happen all along. It makes sense – bear with me.


1 – Desmond comes to the island to make sure the hatch explodes. This makes it so Widmore can find the island. Remember that Hawking says this is the only important thing he will ever do.

2 – Widmore comes to the island - Christian (MIB) tells Locke to turn the wheel – he is making him believe that it’s is so Widmore can’t come to the island, but really he wants Locke off the island so he can die and then come back to the island dead so MIB can use his body for his loophole thing. Making sense yet? Ben ends up doing this, but eventually Locke does it to save the time travelers from ending up like Charlotte.


1 – When Desmond flipped the switch he became special. The light made him able to do his future seeing thing with Charlie and the new memories when he was in the boat with his wife and kid years later.

2 – Let’s not forget that Jacob was using MIB’s plan all along. Desmond being on the island in the 1st place is what brought flight 815 to the island. These people were chosen by Jacob to come to the island and MIB must have known about who they are. He had been targeting Locke for a very long time – maybe since birth.


Finally we have the fact that when Desmond blew up the hatch with the fail safe, he allowed his long lost love Penny to find him and the helicopter crash Losties in the ocean after the island was moved. Now this is the tricky part. Who’s part of the plan is this? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 1st let me explain.

OK – well when they returned to the island they went to the past to make sure that they did some pretty important stuff. Keep in mind that the time travelers are now stuck in 1977 which was all a result of the island moving. For instance – Sayid shot Ben – this made him get healed in the temple, which took his innocence away. Next, Ethan was born thanks to Juliet. Faraday’s notebook – no explanation needed. Sawyer and Jack both make references to Locke when they speak to Richard Alpert, which causes him to believe that he really is special and their leader. Also, Miles with Chang – enough said in that department. There are two questions here – did this always happen or are they changing the future when they through Jughead down the hatch? Second question: Is this part of Jacob’s plan or MIB’s plan? Love to hear your thoughts on that.

Who else is evil? Libby was helping Widmore get Desmond to the island. The church guy that makes Desmond a monk had the picture of Hawking on his desk. Locke is being used for evil his whole life, but he is really good and doesn’t know what’s going on. Remember his centric episodes – his whole life has been one dupe after another – from his dad to the drug family – he is a poor sap when it comes to believing in things – now he is just led to believe that he is the chosen one. Christian’s eyes lit up when he replied to him “Because I’m special.” But don’t worry. I am a Locke lover too – he will be OK – remember that Jacob touched him and kept him alive after the fall. This should prove that Jacob knew what MIB was up to the whole time. He kept his main pawn alive and apologized to him for the terrible things that happened to him and will continue to happen to him in the future.

Who is good? Walt – definitely has some purpose left to fulfill. He is also really special – like Hurley and Miles – also both on the good side. Definitely Ilana and Bram are on the good side. That much is based on the fact that they are adamant about being on the opposite side of Widmore.

Sorry for the length but I had to let it fly. That’s what LOST is all about. Love to see some comments. Can’t wait for Feb 2nd.

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