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Geronimo's arrow through my heart by DigginDjinn

Oh No! When I finally find out who the band Geronimo Jackson is, it has just put a small flaming arrow(irony) through my heart.

I dreamed of it being a hidden recording from an enigmatic band of four from the past. It is indeed a real band, but had it's 'release' around 2004-2005 known as The Donkeys(irony). The single we all know and consider the anthem for Dharma, "Dharma Lady" is actually known and listed as "Excelsior Lady". It can be heard in it's exact replication by a simple search. This band is self-described as psychedelic+self-healing(irony).

Now, the real humor comes from the name of the album "Living on the other side"(irony) but even more so from their record label..Dead Oceans. Now a little probe into Dead Ocean reveals the founders names all too coincidental, especially when they relate to our favorite bird-named hatch and a clickity van. Another relates to one of Sawyer's buddies. Look for yourself and laugh it up. Also note: some other artists they represent.

The 'dual' location of this American record label company tidal waves more in this sea of irony....Austin, Texas and Bloomington, Indiana.

This information does open up two windows of premise. The first, and most desirable, is that the band is actually working in the Dharma initiative along with the label company affiliates. They brought the album along (from 2004) upon their arrival via submarine. So despite a retro look the album is no older than baby Aaron. This, of course, put all the recruits we saw for Dharma in the category of "our time" but working in 1977 along with the losties. So the hatch is old but the album is new and became vintage thanks to good ole time travel. However, a black gibson style guitar was seen on the beach during Rousseau's shooting encounter with Robert and the infection. So the members could be seen as arriving in 1977 but making an album on the island and bringing it back to our time, missing 25 years of being heard since it's inception. Or the guitar was scavenged by a Dharma worker shortly after the encounter.

The frightening premise is that the entire show of Lost could be based around a couple of writers who could were "operating under the influence", that go to a psychedelic 'concert'(irony) and embark on a journey of self-realization and concert hijinks before finally finding a way home as they were unable to 'drive'. The band "The Donkeys" resembles, in number and instruments, the very same band that made up 'the concert' in the Lost finale as well as Geronimo Jackson.

I thought Lost was a powerful combination of past great literary concepts and suspense. This shocking information suggests otherwise. Please tell me that the writers have not just tricked us by putting drops on our sugar cubes? Hmmm, are we to believe that an actual band who plays on the west coast have returned from a tv show to release their album in 2005 and walk among us? Or is all the information regarding the aforementioned simply an illusion? Many folks cry Geronimo! before taking the plunge but the water looks a little muddy here.

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