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The poetic inspiration for Lost by DigginDjinn

I honestly believe for those looking to find the most literal meaning of the island, its meaning and importance, it can be found in the(opium induced) poem "Kubla Khan" by Sammuel Coleridge. Many have guessed this(Sammuel) to be Mib's name as well as Esau.

Obvious to some here I'm sure, it is a three scheme poem about a place known as Xanadu(Hurley watched it on vhs in the house), a sunny pleasure dome with caves of ice, 16 miles of "plaine ground" and protected by a 'wall' around. If you take the step to read it, and it's THEMES AFTERWARDS, you may click the "man from Porlock"(Portland)read that and you could realize another thing. Then from this info you will see another highlight reference to John Constantine from Vertigo Comics and read about his early youth involving the duality of his twin. One strangles the other during birth from another dimension but wind up in the same time and place.

I will not outright interpret the poem for anyone but it is surely literal enough to assign the qualities of our favorite television island. It will mention a sacred river that pours into an endless life fountain and then back into a lifeless sea. It mentions fairly direct the power of Mib as a force of the island that can fling boulders up with violent and powerful bursts. The end of the poem suggests you close your eyes to hide from holy dread which is the angry force of the island. The power of the mother's milk within the source is described with beauty and consequence.

The middle of the poem deals with the lnspiration of a maid who inspires with her symphony and song. This would be Sarah(44)who inspired Jack to make her dance again. Ancestral voices are heard through these green valley reciting prophecy of war. When the Poet has lost his ability to stay inspired than a disharmony occurs until it is reset. If Jack's intervening angel of 44 was his initial inspiration than 42 would be a decreasing number as the passengers of flight 815 and others would be destined to be there based on a prophecy. The way to repair the turmoil is to create a simultaneous duality by means of other inspiration. Once harmony is created the author has the ability to achieve his dream of Xanadu.

So can we now ascertain that Christian and Anthony may have been the twins themselves? Living out their duality lives in their 'other' natural habitat. Is Walt a window to escape through which pierces the great barrier for other lifeforms to arrive? Does Walt represent a beacon by which to find? They would have made it off the island with Walt, but only Walt, he was like a passport. And from there he was like a cellphone. Perhaps Desmond was simply immune to the immoral temptations that the force can manifest that everyone else was victim to and his battle was only in his own head.

The creators of Lost have wonderfully crossed the ideas of Joseph Campbell's Monotype hero(Lucas inspiration)and his journey to complete his "boon" ,and this beautiful poem "Kubla Khan". Other inspirations come from the theories of angels,djinn,and folklore If you consider yourself a true fan of Lost than incorporate this linkage of research to your time and enjoy discovering the definitive inspiration of Lost.

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