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I was just re-watching Exodus, and you'll notice that the Hurley Bird screeches and makes an appearence flying away, only minutes before the Man In Black tackles Locke and tries to pull him down that hole before being saved by Jack and Kate.

The only other appearence of the Hurley Bird is in the Season 2 finale, again while Hugo, Jack and Kate trek across the Island.

I believe this was The Man In Black trying to con Hurley into thinking he's crazy because he already knows Hurley has doubts about his sanity. I think MIB does this in order to impersonate Dave, Hurley's old mental hospital roomate. He tries to get Hurley to jump off a cliff because Hurley is a Candidate and therefore cant be killed by MIB directly, so he tries to con all our Losties into killimg each other - We've seen this this throught the entire series. As Christian, MIB tried to get Jack to run off a cliff. Tried to convince Juliet to kill Faraday so that Ben would gas everyone on the Island, etc. He has to use manipulation in order to kill Candidates, and after thousands of years, mastered it wonderfully. He murdered those he could (Eko, Seth, Nadine, etc) because they werent candidates. He scared everyone by making horrific noises and knocking down trees. He really was the true main antagonist of LOST from the very beginning, which is something you dont realize until the end.

I believe MIB also appeared as people who had died off the island. Why you ask? Ben saw his dead mother in the woods, who died in Oregon. Richard saw Isabella, who died in The Canary Islands. Who knows if the spiders that attacked Nikki and Paulo, the Hurley Bird, The horse Kate saw, the cow Frank saw, the polar bear that attacked Walt, Locke and Michael, the "Dave" that Hurley saw and other incarnations weren't ALL the smoke monster?? It's all very possible which means its probable.

The Man In Black had been trying to get ALL of the Candidates to kill Jacob from the beginning. Once he manipulated his core players into doing what he had wanted (Ben murdering Locke and using his Locke form to mamipulate Ben into killing Jacob).

The Man In Black didn't know that the five remaining Candidates would be "coming" as Jacob mutters before being kicked into the fire by his little bro. So he sets out to manipulate the remaining Candidates (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, Jin, and whoever else may or may not have been) into killing each other so that he can leave the Island.

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