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The currents of Lost by TheNINEball

Some Animals have an innate trait that allows them to find a place far away when they need to mate or breed. Birds use air currents to fly away to lands they have never been to. Sharks use ocean currents to waters great distances simply to mate and leave. These are built in navigational systems unique to these creatures. There is another type of current in this world that no one has yet harnessed to travel great distances, electric current. It is theorized to be prevented by the formation of polar regions. But one man on Lost seemed to be the uncanny evolution of such a phenomenom....Desmond.

So, look at Walt as a 'special' honing beacon for life on the island. If Walt is on the island then it becomes dangerous in that outsiders may approximate a position. If Walt is off the island then it becomes a honing beacon for those on the island to find "mainland". In season 1-4 birds can be followed or tagged for coordinates. In season 5-6 when the island was probably flipped or underwater, sharks would lead a submarine to it's desired objective.
Desmond was unique in that he could travel in the hyper blink of an eye to such destinations because of an innate ability in his brain to know where something is, especially once he has been there before (or not!). This ability awakened in him when he helped in the disabling of his own failsafe of the Swan hatch. So Desmond was in essence a transmission and Walt was a receiver. Walt and his ability to call out a signal was first seen with a bird in "Special" but later on the freighter as the birds were still drawn to his signal. Lapidus could not find the freighter easily, if you recall, once Walt was removed from its confines. Walt was also able to broadcast a live message to some because of his constant, "Vincent", who he last saw swimming in the ocean away from the raft. This is why he was dripping wet and talking backwards.
I think that this must be the connection between the animals and the experiments. A polar bear might end up in an opposite territory if transported artificially. A large bird(Hurleybird) would certainly live longer than a smaller species as guessed by the large bird cages. Charlotte was ecstatic to find the Dharma collar but more excited to find the exit door. The brain cannot maintain a steady movement with time on the island and showed this during the time they held a position on the island during the time flashes. I begin to think these flashes were induced from the sideways recalls.
It is rather neat to think perhaps Lost provided some idea of comfort in the grand scheme of mortality with their implication that the mind never really dies, the heart dies, the mind simply slips through time when it is unable to hold one location. Heart and Soul, Hearts and minds, Hearts and diamonds(Nikki and Paolo). The heart reacts but the mind makes plans, as so eloquently put by Sawyer. Wouldn't it be nice to believe this in regards to losing a loved one to senility, Alzheimer's or death. That a slipping/fading away is occurring...not an end. The space/time between is merely an airport or gate that can be annoying but worth the trip.
When was the last time a television show made you tap into what you know from biology,philosophy,theology,mythology,all simultaneously to arrive to your own theory? Try never.

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