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Genies of the bottle by DigginDjinn

After going through the same theory flip flopping as everyone else concerning the "dead or not" puzzle, I finally realized through the bottle reference that Lost is dealing with the race of the Djinn which are literally defined anywhere as "a supernatural creature which occupies a parallel world to that of mankind" there are two creations that have free will...humans and jinn. The djinn are known to be made up of smokeless flame(flameless smoke) They form communities just like humans. The djinn are known "to be good for their word" but will lead humans astray to their deaths by presenting illusions of wanton thoughts of romanticism or revenge or prior deals made. They are often known to possess humans or become animals. They have the power to travel large distances at extreme speeds and are thought to live in remote or "hidden" locations. They are invisible to humans and may become whole by consuming grains as their animals or they may grow flesh again if they touch their bones. States also that female genies,though scarce, can spread an infection. It is said that they will be judged on judgement day just like humans. Research a genie for yourself and everything... the animals, the bottle reference, the illusions, the hbomb(judgement day),the rules, the powers, the promises, and most of all Jack,will fall into easier categories. It will explain Jacob's rebirth, Locke's demise, the bilocation, and most of all whether or not this could have been the final battle of mankind being fought in a very real and living arena...it was just hidden from us. Please read about the djinn and it may answer some wishes.

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