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In Across the Sea, the MiB's real mother shows up, dead as hell, and leads MiB to his "people". I believe this is done because the MiB is special, and in order for the wheel to be made, the MiB must be united with those people. Now, I used to think that the dead mother was actually the "darkness" of the island that needs to be kept in. I used to believe that the Darkness wanted MiB to fall into the light, so that it could fuse with him (he was a perfect vessel for getting off the island). It's still a theory that I haven't necessarily abandoned.

BUT NOW, i had this thought. I've been trying to figure out the Frozen Donkey Wheel, Smokies origins, the cabin, etc. And I've come to some interesting conclusions, including one I've never seen stated before. Ok, I believe that there has only been one Smoke monster throughout the entirety of the Island's history. We've seen scriptures that show Egyptians worshiping Smokie, and many believed that this meant that there must have been a predecessor. But what i think this means is that Smokey's loop hole is deeper than we've ever imagined. He is, afterall, evil incarnate.

I think Smokey has been traveling through time, influencing events, but also making sure not to change things, because that could result in catastrophe. I believe that the wheel (or something connected to it) is Smokies way of doing this. Perhaps the area is frozen because the wheel is "frozen in time"? Anyway, I think that the wheel we see Locke and Ben turn isn't the same Wheel that MiB was making with his people, and that's because MiB hid this second wheel in a place where he will never find it (before he turns into the monster) because he has to make sure things remain as they were.

Anyway, I think that maybe the MiB's Loop Hole might actually be when he shows up to himself as a young kid in the guise of his real mother. Perhaps he found a "loop hole" to the rules of the universe, and tried to change things. The entire show might have been the universe course correcting this loop hole.

It's a half-assed theory, but an interesting one none the less, wouldn't you say? Maybe the cabin was a way of keeping the MiB from doing this time traveling?

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