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The main concept of the show by Valnn

After a lot of thinking about the series and what it’s all about. I think I came up with the main concept of LOST. For 6 seasons we watch these characters go through hell. They are trying to figure out why they are on the island. Some are trying to get off the island. But no one really knows what it is.

The title itself gives away the concept. LOST. As in you don't know where you are. You can take this analogy and compare it to everyday life for all humans. Why are we here on Earth? Who brought us here, or what, or anything at all?

Now weather they died on the plane crash or died after none of that matters the concept applies to life either way. The story has always been about Faith vs. Science. And that even applies to the main concept of life.

The show is about a group of individuals but one in particular. Jack Shepherd. LOST is a story of survivors who are trying to find out what their purpose is and why there are on the island. And at the end we see that Jack finds out why he is on the island.

Now here’s how I look at it. The story is of Jack's switching of faith, from man of science to man faith. At least this is the main message. And this can relate to life as well. There are turning points in people’s life that make them change completely. Whether it’s something that turns someone from a religious person to an atheist or vice versa, these scenarios happen around us every day.

At the end of the day we are all LOST. LOST on a planet called earth that we really have no clue how we got here. And until death we won’t find out how we are here, or in some cases not find out at all.

-Spoiler final notes-

The ending of Lost is not as religious as everyone thinks it is. The ending shows that no matter what happens in the end. We must move on and let go. No matter where we are going "Christian didn't know where they were going." Whether its eternal darkness or eternal life in heaven, LOST shows us that we were real, all that’s happening on earth is real. No matter what happens in the long run.

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