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You Can Let Go Now by kdupes

In LAX episode ,after the turbulence is over and the plane does not crash , Rose tells Jack " you can let go now " . At the time we all assumed she meant releasing the deathgrip he had on the armrest but now it seems to mean so much more.

The ALT time line was in Jack's mind / soul / spirit or whatever you become after you die . He did not realize he was dead so for him things were going on like he thought they should or what he believed his life should be like .

This time line happens after Jack dies or basically after the show is over . Since they cannot show us anything after the finale they had to show us this way.

Once Jack died , the ALT time line started with all of them on the plane and it NOT crashing . Right after that is when Rose says " you can let go now " . What Rose meant was let go of this place , remember the island and your friends so you can find peace and move on . She was trying to help him move forward from the start of the ALT time line .

Everyone died at different times and once they did they were at the church together to move on to their next place together . Since time is not a concept there , everyone , no matter how many years apart they died,they all seemed to meet there about the same time . The ones in the church wanted to be with one another because they were special in each persons life.

The ones that weren't there may have had more special people / family that they wanted to move on with .

The ALT time line being Jack's journey to enlightenment is typical of what they have done in the past . Making us think it's a flashback in a season finale only to find out later its really a fast forward. Surprising but then again not really .

I for one loved the finale , I thought I wanted answers to everything but realized after the finale that wasn't what it was all about . We grew to love and really care about these people and what mattered most to me was I wished something better for them .

When Vincent came and laid down by Jack at the end , I lost it , it was so unbelievably awesome .

I was sad but happy that Jack didn't have to die alone .

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