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Faraday's Journal tell us everything.. by Ba&Bu

Hi Lost fans,

After we've read the interview of JJ Abrams' interview things started to get clearer for us and we just started to realize what is happening with the OT and ALT.

First let us remember what JJ said about the Lost Finale. He said that after they made the explosion at the source of the Dharma Station (which we assume to be the Hatch construction in ‘77) the Quantum physics started to work and both of the timelines started to exist and actually all people were in both of them. Also all we saw in the church scene were those who were not dead both on the island and on this “created universe.” He also said that at the end, two timelines merged.

With this theory we will try to tell you our understanding about the final scene: walking towards the light.

Remember the conversation between Desmond & Faraday in the episode “Happily ever after.” Among all the things that Faraday said, there were these notes on Faraday’s journal. If you take a close look you can see that there is a T=0 point where two lines emerging from this point in perpendicular directions. One is labeled “Real Space – Imaginary Time” and the other one “Real Time”.

Now let’s consider T=0 is the point where they exploded the nuclear bomb. They actually created a new timeline (well don’t know which one to say imaginary or real, but not an important issue). A strong evidence is that Eloise Hawking said to young Faraday that he should “create time” if he wants to play the piano – and see what Faraday is doing on the ALT.

Even though they created the ALT, a part of their existence was still on the OT, as told by JJ Abrams. The OT continued until they all died, but the real time became what we saw as the ALT. And after they all died in OT, they gathered on the ALT, and merged “their memories of the island” (from OT) and their happy life (from ALT) into a single timeline.

Now here is the interesting part that we’ve never saw in the previous theories. Look back to the journal. What is written on the line that connects the two perpendicular lines?

“Object @ light speed.”

That is why there is that brilliant light behind the door. That is the merge of the two timelines (as we were always told by the producers that these timelines were to be merged).

So what is moving on? We think that moving on is them to live their happy lives with those they actually loved on this merged timeline. No purgatory, no heaven. They are just moving on to their lives.

As a side note we think that the island was the gateway between the parallel universes based on Quantum physics as they told us that they form the story basing on it. And the light on the island was a great source of electromagnetism that could allow the transition between these universes. It was the space where T=0 could occur. Therefore it had to be protected from those who want to take advantage of it.


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