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So this theory applies to Eloise we have seen in the 'alternate' universe/purgatory/afterlife/whatever you want to call it. I won't try and explain how Eloise knew everything when Desmond met her while he was traveling through time (though maybe Desmond was never 'traveling through time' but really getting a glimpse into this purgatory/afterlife like he did after Widmore magnetized him in season 6 - but that is a discussion for someone else to tackle).

I believe we can explain Eloise's all knowing-ness in the alt verse much like the character cypher from the Matrix. Eloise experienced her enlightenment at some point, maybe when seeing Daniel, maybe Charles, who knows and I don't think its that important. The point is, Eloise is fully aware that she died and that she is in this purgatory also because the Island was the most important part of her life and she has to come to peace with her life. Now while Desmond made his realization and is excited to move onto whatever is next with Penny and those who are important to him, Eloise is using purgatory as a place for her to make up for what she did wrong in the real world and for her to actually spend time with her family, most notably her son, Daniel. In this alternate universe, she is with Charles, Daniel is allowed to pursue whatever it is he wants instead of her constantly moving him into position to eventually die on the island (again - I have no idea how she was so all knowing in the real time line - anyone who can answer that gets a gold star).

I used the words plugged in because it is much like the character from the first Matrix, Cypher. Eloise is well aware that what she is experiencing in purgatory is not 'real' because she is dead, but she'd rather experience that than have her son realize he died because she shot him and move on without her. If she could, I'm sure Eloise would love to get her realization wiped out so that she could exist, ignorantly, in the purgatory with her family. I think this motivation is highlighted in the finale when she tears up to Desmond and asks, "are you going to take my son?" (not a direct quote - from memory). She's okay that this isn't really her life as long as she gets to be here with her son and atone for what she did. I feel Ben had a similar realization and will be a similar character in the purgatory since he has decided to stick around to be w/ Alex and/or make up for everything he's done. His motivation is less clear but he is choosing to remain even though he is well aware that this experience is 'not real'. I know Christian Shepard said he was 'real', but real in the sense that he is from a real person, from real memories, from real experiences, but this is definitely not a world where they are 'alive' to say. Call it souls, call it spirits, call it whatever, that is what Shepard meant by 'real', not that they were alive.

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