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I've posted this before, but I just rewatched the pilot and now I'm certain... although, I'm expecting to find I just have a wild imagination and I just have read too much into the first episode...

Here goes.

When Jack awakens in the opening scene of the show, who does he see first? Vincent.

The first time the smoke monster appears int he pilot and is knocking down trees, etc... Everyone says "What is that?"

Walt says "Is that Vincent?"

When Jack, Kate and Charlie go to find the transceiver from the wreckage of the nose of the plane... No one knows where exactly they are heading. Except there's one lone shot of them being watched as they walk up the mountainside.

Who is watching them?


It's right after this moment that the smoke monster attacks them and kills the pilot.

So now for my hair-brained theory.

Vincent died in the crash. He has always been dead. Maybe they'll find his body in one of those animal cargo containers, etc... But Vincent died when the plane crashed.

And MIB assumed his form. Why?

How better to wander through the camp and scan everyone then to just be an unassuming pet dog.

Also, remember how much Walt loved Vincent. Yet when Michael and Walt leave on the boat from the dock, Walt doesn't so much as mention Vincent. Not a single line of "We can't leave Vincent" etc...

Additionally Vincent has shown up at some interesting times. To give Hurley the keys to the VW van for instance.

Yeah, I know it's kinda out there... Guess I'll find out if my theory holds water soon enough. We'll see. And, if I'm wrong then it was one helluva crackpot theory! heh :)

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