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In response to all the comments on my last theory, oh and poor grammar and spelling. I didn't know the etiquette was to first type out the theory in word then copy and paste onto here, simply because its a blog theory. However to further clarify my response, and my name is actually PENNY short for Penelope here you all go.... AGAIN!

Those lost fans that go deep into the thought process, my hat is off to you. However again its not that complicated!!!!! To explain equations to the mass market of viewers, and target market of age groups it is not going to be so complex.
Jacob and the MIB are neither good nor evil. Both of them have qualities that show both traits. They are the balance of the island. Black rock White Rock. Throw one away, and the balance is off. They both touch people they both have special abilities, as I said before this we do not know regarding there past or how they got to the island that is something we will figure out. But to explain further for those who need deeper value.
Brings people to the island, There past does not matter on the island. He recruits them by touching them is one way and makes lists on there profiling on who is there and where they come from. He sits in a temple and a cabin surrounded by ash,(which can vanish and reappear much like the bible reference of Jacob's House) for the book readers out there. He gets people such as Ilana to come and protect him. Why he brings them there is progress. Progress on how far the Island can me manipulated and tested and people that he has brought to have the chance at redemption, and getting over there issues in THEIR past lives. It is not hell. He will summon you if he wants to speak with you, he has worked on tapestry for centuries, and has a old bottle of wine which is uses as reference to evil escaping from the cork. He gives Richard a Black rock to give to the MIB.

MIB: He is trapped on the island. How many times do we have to know that he is unhappy there? He believes Jacob has sent people to the island to corrupt, destroy... It always ends the same. The island become ruined for what it truly is. Just a Damn Island!! Why bring people there, to fight, sin, when it is in there natural ability to do so? Why wreak lives just for progress? Its no secret that he is the smoke Monster. Come on, theories that he isn't is crazy! He can't go through the fences as a smoke monster or as human form. He appears after the smoke monster appears. Yes John Locke as a child drew the Smoke monster for Richard. Cause he was special, he had abilities which are gone now cause DEAD IS DEAD, and the MIB took John's Body knowing that he was the only person to actually get to Jacob and have him killed by Ben.

Smoke Monster: A monster that can be summoned that lives in the bottom of the temple. He scans people. He is scanning those that do not belong there, those who will create sin, those who will not help him in his loophole to kill Jacob. He can take on the form of those who have died, and use that body or image to manipulate the thought and feeling of another. He did it with Alex, Isabella, Ben's Mother. However for all you Mythology experts think Zeus and Hades. Brothers and one is upset for not making him ruler of the world. I thought in my initial Theory i would not have to go into explanation due to all the fans who rely on literature when it comes to lost.

Healing: No doubt we know it is a island of special things. Time travel, Cancer and paralysis, death. The temple is a place where the fountain of youth we will call it exists. Except Sayid was too late. Jacob was already dead the water did not work. Calire already had been tricked with Christan the evil already took her over cause she had accepted in going with him. Polar bears, Fertility, aging, not dying. I'll go into it if you all want. But clearly testing cause most of these issues. The other things were at the hand of Jacob.

Numbers: Jacob had a thing for numbers. That is really all it is. If you think it has to do with the Valenzetti Equation great!Its too complex to explain at this point in the show. They were broadcasted by Danielle as the bearing to find the island, in her SOS call. Hurley heard them from a mental man, won the lottery things started happening he thought he was cursed. They are the numbers on the hatch that need to be entered. They are numbers for the candidates which get chosen from Jacob. It won't go any further than that. They are numbers, it would have been explained further in the episode for Hurley if it was such a big deal.

I can keep going, but I won't this is long enough. Sorry to all who felt offended by the simpleness of it all and probably even this. I too was once interested in the crazy explanation of it all. But its not that complex. The deeper you go the more questions arise that will not be answered. Of course there are still some that will be. That is what television is cliff hangers!! Some like surprise some like ripping it all apart. I just figured since most are reading into things so far and in between that they would see that it is exactly the way it is the first time you say "ohhhh, that makes sense" and leaving it at that. It was not for the simple minds, I've done all my research seasons ago, when the mysteries appeared. You all probably won't be satisfied with the end if you can't have a realistic approach!

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