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A loophole to the loophole by deukalion

If this is true, what I'm about to propose then I guess it will ruin the twist of it. Anyways, NO SPOILERS, just speculation.

A couple of weeks ago I came up with this idea after seeing what looked to be Young Jacob in Everybody Loves Hugo... I was wondering why Jacob was gloating so much and seemed content for some reason as if "everything went as planned"

Okay, what if Jacob knows that the ALT exists? And is also aware of the bleeding effect that seems to be happening more frequently. And he knows Smokey will one day find a loophole. So, he comes up with a counter move if this ever happened.

Simplest explanation:
Locke is a candidate. Smokey finds his loophole through John's body. Smokey is trapped and has killed Jacob. He is ready to leave the island. Then the bleeding effect starts to occur between realities. What if the ALT Locke takes over Smokeys body ( who is the real Locke ) is the CANDIDATE? Therefor, by making Locke the candidate/new Jacob he created a loophole to the loophole. If Locke in his body, becomes the new Jacob, he is forced to live on the island all by himself and is stuck there forever; since he cannot leave while someone occupies Jacob's role - which ironically is himself.

Thought I'd share some thoughts now that we're almost through this awesome experience.

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