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Why the Island was underwater by DharmaDill

This is my first theory so I'm sorry if it's not as in depth as a lot of other ones.

I've seen a lot of people asking (myself included) why the island was underwater in the alt. At first it made no sense to me, I thought maybe it was just because the "survivors" always wanted to put the island behind them and never wanted it a part of their lives.

However, this doesn't really make sense because tptb made a point of showing the camera pan down into the water and show parts of the island (like dharmaville destroyed) just like we saw it last in "The End"

Also, I found it rather convenient that MIB made a point of saying that he wanted to sink the island and that it would be "at the bottom of the ocean"

So what does this mean?

I think this whole island underwater was created by the MIB.

We know that the MIB was a human just like everyone else. At first I disliked this but it proved to be very significant and fitting to the show in the end.

The fact that he was a human, and died just like everyone else is very relevant.

All the people in the puragtory(or whatever you want to call it) created the things they longed for the most in their lives, and the things that were most important to them.

Jack created David because of his daddy issues, Claire gave birth to Aaron and reconciled her doubt about giving away her baby, Sawyer found himself on the right path as a cop upholding the law etc.

So what did the MIB want more than anything in the world? He wanted off the island, and he wanted to destroy/sink the island.

Therefore I think the reason it's underwater is because MIB was a human, and died just like everyone else. And in his "alt world" he "created" what he'd always longed for. A life off the island, and without the island.

Sorry if this has been posted but I hadn't seen anything.

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