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THE END.... My theory of Everything. by TDDIMPLES

Well... its over. I must say i was disappointed in the finale. But i knew not everything would have been answered. This is more a sum up of how I feel, about THE END. Watching it with my friends, No one understood many things, many questions. One of the big questions was? What is the actual "Island"

For the record, I thought LOST was a brilliant show. Nothing like anything in television before. I give respect to the creators and fans who have put so much into it. From Theorys to mind gripping mysteries, that will live on.
So... what is the ISLAND
A place for redemption, a place where you can learn that there are people out there, that can love you. A place where you can share some of the best times of your lives. A place where, although you are fighting for something, you win something in the end. Love. Religion is nothing. Everyone is equal. With all that is good and bad in their lives past or present it is how you believe in yourself and each other that will get you through.( That is the sum up I got)
Along with the light, which protects the Island, and its scientific ways that can make miracles, and the impossible happen. That is what the Island is and was. The people there, were just people. Given a chance to find something, to have something that they never knew they could care so much about. Each other.
They Died. There life existed on the Island, and all of that actually happened. This ALT life they created was a life they all created together. Without all the major Drama. They just did not realize they were all dead, till Desmond was able to bring them together to touch one another and see there past lives. It was at that point they never had to worry anymore. Knowing they were already gone, and the people they had the best times with were within there reach. What happened, Happened! See you in another life brother. Which is why Desmond was special.
Why was Desmond Special. Desmond was the fail safe as they said. However he was also the after life, the person who could convince and guide them all to each other. His Elecro Field stuff was not what saved the Island. Anyone could have went down the hole and did it. Just Desmond did not die from it. He was probably the only one who would not die from it. He was more special in knowing all these people and bringing them together in the end. He was everyone's Constant.
Jack had a Son, but Locke tells him he never had a one. David.
( Insert biblical reference here along with the Sheppard family)
David was the existence that Jack always wanted. He was what he was looking for. With Aaron, he was never his, but he still learned how to be a father. After Kate and Aaron this was what Jack wanted. A son. He created it in his own Alt world. With Juliette, cause at one point they were a love feature. She a doctor, he a Doctor, easier then a Criminal who he ends up with in the end.
Although, I was kinda upset that we never learned how they all died. Which I think we deserved, after growing to know these characters. Some we already knew, but I guess it is fair to say that the plane never made it. And Hurley and Ben Died, when the Island was done with them etc...
Why Ben was not ready. Being pinned as the bad guy is hard enough to rain on a parade. I believe he was waiting for someone. Alex. Although Alex was already dead, she did not appear in the Church. Why. Cause no one shared memories with her. Ben was waiting for Alex to show up. Same for Daniel, who Eloise did not want taken yet. Daniel was not ready to learn the truth after a high of playing with his favorite band, and not having Charlotte yet. When Christen opened the doors, that was the significance, of letting go. Entering heaven rather than staying in limbo in the ALT world. Christan opened the Gates to let them all in. They all were accepted into heaven after overcoming the sin that existed in their lives.

I would have rather known those aspects rather than the flashbacks to previous seasons, from touching. We all knew they would die at one point. Richard said I watched them all die. So that was obvious to me at least.

Why jack was actually able to kill Locke ( why did we never know his name other than brother) I am guessing cause, once the light went out the Island was no longer under protection, and meaning that anyone at that time could have died (even Richard who suddenly aged with a single gray hair) We never knew his name cause Claudia, never knew. She only picked one name. I think is was a big tease, and left that way. Call him Esau, as the biblical reference to ``the brothers`` Mother never named him, cause she was never actually his mother, and therefore never had the right to name him.

So here are some questions I still have.
I understand not everything gets answered, or maybe has been and I missed it somehow. Maybe you all can help.(my question mark is not working, for those who are The Grammar Police.)
Why can women not have children.
Why were the children taken from the plane (first season)
What was room 23.
Why was Walt Special and John Locke as a boy when Richard came to see him.
Why polar bears, and not kangaroos. What is the significance of the polar bears.
Why does the ash protect Jacob, and why do elecro fences, keep the smoke monster out. Is it just cause he has some electric field energy to him.
Was the smoke monster a protector, or just a pain in the butt.
Why could Jacob leave and touch people. Why could he have magical powers, and no one else.
Was Charles, always working for Jacob, as ways to get the Losties to the island. (I.E planting a sunken ship)
Why the nosebleeds, when the island switched time.
Who was Penny`s mother.
Was Claire always dead, along with Sayid.
Why could Tom leave and return, without being banished.
What is the temple, and why does Richard say Ben will never be the same.
Did Ben always know them from his Childhood. Remember them
Why is Claire, only to raise Aaron, if she dies.
Did Jin and Sun`s Father or mother live on the Island at one time.
Did Faraday plan work.
Who is Theresa ( Daniel Faraday) besides someone he experimented on.

I know some of these are pointless, who cares questions. But one big question I do have is:
Why was the Island the best times of their lives, when on the Island all they ever wanted to do was leave. All they ever did was fight. Does`nt sound like the Best time of my life, if I was in danger every waken moment. I get the they saw what they had together aspect, however... if fate is fate and these people are meant to be together, then why does it take a Island to show them they are meant to be. Would that not have happened in there normal lives, finding each other if Fate was Fate.

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