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Just for thought by Jimi Crack Corn

I am a complete and utter "LOSTAHOLIC" and this is not no big THEORY, just some food for thought, for fellow LOST ADDICTS.

I personally thought THE END was perfect, I did not want to know all the ANSWERS, as that was the main drive for loving the show, wanting more and more, to keep my mind fresh for the WHOLE story, and the puzzling addiction about LOST!

Ok, to say what I need to say....right? Well the one thing I would like you to reflect on was the fact of humanity, and the fact that there is good and bad in all of us, that is part of the GREAT thing that defines us. A little more perspective, is the fact that all of us can change for the good, or have good in them, even at times when Ben was evil, he would shows us flashes of how he could be GOOD AT HEART. And with this being said, for the most part, OUR LOSTIES, learned to LOVE each other in one way or another, and really care about each other, a lesson that was needed in all of them as to the flashes of their past...ie/FLAWED!

I mean think about all the many trials and tribulations on the island that our LOSTIES had to endure. They learned to care about each other in different ways, growing stronger as BETTER people the longer on the island together.

My last quick point. I have no problem if indeed the story was based on Jack, he was a true HERO, a true GOOD person at heart. And I feel as though Jack NEEDED his true redemption, as we ALL know he was always trying to save anyone who needed help, and I feel that the writers showed us a great interpretation of Jack getting his true redemption and peace within his heart and soul, to accept death, and be satisfied with his inner self, as to where he then will move on to his next journey wherever it may be. It actually was quite poetic, and I was very fulfilled with the fact that Jack found his true inner peace. The END, WAS brilliant and left me loving my addiction to LOST, and truly knowing the reasons I was so in love with this once in a lifetime TV event! Thanks LOST!

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