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Got a couple of thoughts that hopefully you guys can shed some light on for me. First off, why did the MIB choose to stay in Lockes image? I know he needed to impersonate Locke so that Richard would willingly take him to see Jacob. He also knew that Ben would kill Jacob since he would fear the resurrected John Locke. But he had to have known that once Jacob was killed he would be stuck in whatever form he was in at that time. Why not just change back to his original identity once Ben stuck the dagger into Jacobs chest?

Second: Why did MIB(as John Locke) tell Richard to tell the wounded time skipping Locke to bring the others back to the island? If the candidates arent on the island how can they keep him from leaving?

Third: Just watched one of the earlier season 5 episodes and while they were jumping through time Charlotte mentioned to Daniel that she couldnt remember her mothers maiden name. Was it ever revealed who her mother is? Was that a signifigant line or was it just something to show how time skipping was messing with her?

Fourth: How did Daniel know in the season 4 finale that the island was getting ready to be moved? While he was helping move people from the island to the freighter he was aware that it was only a matter of time before the island moved. Then once it moved and he still could see the island he said "We must have been within the radius". If he knew this all along why not say something instead of being all twitchy and secretive. For a genius he sure acts like a dumbass from time to time.

Fifth: Daniel said that time could only move back and forth on one line and that it wasnt possible to create another timeline. So what the heck is the Sideways timeline? Daniel was obviously the writers way to explain the rules of time travel to us. So wouldnt the show have to go by Daniel's rule?

Sixth: Does Hurley really see dead people or is he just being visited by MIB or maybe even Jacob? If he is just seeing random dead people, how do they know to warn him as to what is getting ready to happen. Anna Lucia's ghost pulls him over in LA and warns him about what is going to happen. How could she know and how could her ghost be in LA? Wouldnt it be trapped on the island with all the whispering dead? Just a few more weeks and I can quit bugging the heck out of you guys for answers to a show I am not smart enough to be watching. But until then I will continue to post these terrible questions and enjoy all of your answers. Have a nice day.

(side note: Notice that all of my questions center around seasons 4-6. Its because the first three seasons really have no meaning anymore. Am I the only one who feels this way?)

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