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Dogen or Ben by VaL

As lost comes to an near end I have benen podering if what I have been watching is actually what i think I have been watching.

The first thought I had was who was in fact the leader of the Others was it Ben or Dogen?

The reason why I have pondered this is because:

#1 Dogen seen jacob and made a deal with him

#2 Dogen resided in the Temple he did not live in a mordern home with running water an electricity like Ben, and they lived on the island at the same time and i do not expect Dogen would have ever took orders from Ben.

#3 Dogen seemed to be more respected and has a more "royal" presents than Ben.

#4 Lastly , Dogen was the only one that was keeping Smokey out.

Because of this i have always quetioned ben's role as leader.

Another important aspect of lost that i think is meaningful is the scene where Hurley kills people on the porch by accident.
I always wanted to see this scene and this part of the story makes me think of a theory that i once thought of ,but was to lazy to write .
Here goes:

I know that were tired of hearing the theory of lost being a psychicatric hospital but i often poundered this thought :
Okay what if Jack is a psycologist who is invoved in a expiement to help prisoners or muders but though him working with the patients so intensely he became one himself.

Idk ,please add , discect , and give constuctive criticism.
just some random thoughts not really a complete theory i have a bad headache and must stop looking at the bright computer screen

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