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More to the whispers by timeisrelative

I believe Michael was a projection of MIB. I know some of you already suspect this. But for all of you holdouts, I'll break it down as simply as possible.

MIB impersonates dead people. MIB also wants to gather the candidates together. Meanwhile a dead person appears to Hurley and advises him to march the candidates directly to MIB's camp. Suspiciously convenient for MIB, isn't it? Also, Sawyer asks MIB why they're just sitting around in the woods. MIB explains that they are waiting. That waiting ended with Hurley and the candidates arriving at the camp.

Some of you may be shouting about Illana having told Ben that Smokey was stuck in Locke's body. First of all, she came to this conclusion when she thought Smokey was Jacob's killer. That could significantly change the rules of how MIB functions. Secondly, how reliable is Ilana? For someone who was personally sent by Jacob, she doesn't seem to know much more than we do about what's going on.

I think most fans agree that the explanation for the whispers was abrupt and unsatisfying. Luckily, since Michael was actually MIB, I suspect that the explanation about the whispers was not true. So why would MIB lie about the whispers? I believe it's so he can continue to use Michael and the whispers to manipulate Hurley. Plus, MIB is trying to convince the candidates that the island is not a special place. So a disappointing explanation may help demystify the island.

Michael's anticlimactic explanation also contradicts some facts about the whispers. Even though the whispers are mostly unintelligible, there are occasionally moments where the speech is clear. One such moment is when Sawyer unmistakably hears Frank Duckett's voice say, "It'll come back around." Duckett did not die on the island. And since Sawyer was the only person to hear Duckett say this, the only way for someone else to know this is if someone had access to Sawyer's memories. MIB scans people and learns their memories. So MIB is conceivably the only other person that could know about Duckett and his dying words.

I'm not saying MIB is solely responsible for the whispers. We did hear whispers in the Temple's catacombs. Plus the whispers often seem to precede the appearance of the Others. My point is that Michael's explanation was not the whole truth. There's more to the whispers and it involves MIB.

I should also mention when Harper appeared to Juliet and told her to kill Faraday and Charlotte before they can release the toxic gas. Her mysterious appearance was preceded by whispers. Harper claimed that order came from Ben, but Ben was locked away in a basement at New Otherton. He never gave such an order. Whether or not that was really Harper, she was lying. That sounds like MIB mischief.

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