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Just listen to this - I believe it explains a lot.

Protectors of light and candidates

"Mother" was the protector of the light - said herself that she was the protector of the light and when Jacob drinks the wine that she blessed he became the same as she was.
Both she and Jacob knew when they was about to die. Jacob started looking for candidates to replace him right before his death (before that he was bringing people to the island to show MIB that people were good).

Mother knew when she was going to die too. She woke Jacob up and told him it was time. She took him to the light and explained that it was his turn to protect the light and in time he would know when he should find his replacement. When Mother and Jacob were heading back to the caves she asked him to go and get some firewood. Watch again this is clearly an excuse to get rid of him - look at Mother's face she knows that she is about to meet her end. It is the same sad look that Jacob has when Flock and Ben enter the statue.

MIB's people - Dharma people.

When mother visits MIB in the well with the donkey wheel she asks him if the people have seen the light. When MIB confirms that they have watch her face - she looks sad and know what she must do to protect the light now. She hugs MIB and says sorry and then knocks him out. IMPORTANT - SHE DOES NOT TRY TO KILL HIM If she tried to kill him she would of left him in the well and buried him in it. Instead she lays him down outside. She kills the people at the camp using the powers that she has as a protector.

The Dharma people also found the light. They called it the electromagnetic energy. Jacob as the protector of the light reluctantly had to order them killed too. It was the only way to protect the light.

Mother is NOT a smokie

People logically believe that Mother is a smokie because she was immortal yet she was killed by the very same blade that Dogan gave to Sayid and MIB gave to Ricadus. On both occasions MIB/Dogan told the attackers not to allow Smokie/Jacob to speak before stabbing them. This logic is flawed.

The most important flaw is the timeframe. Mother had spoken to MIB for 13 years of his life. How long would he have to wait without her speaking to him before he could stab her? They also forget that Dogan knew that there was no way of killing smokie in this manner. It was just a ruse to get Sayid killed. Furthermore Claire tells Jack that he is with MIB now "because you allowed him to speak to you". You see, allowing Jacob or MIB to speak to you invites the chance that they could manipulate you or persuade you to join thier cause. Both Jacob and Mother can be killed by man - smokie cannot.

Mother killed the people at MIB's camp using a power we just don't know about. Like how Jacob brings people to the island - or grants Richard eternal life.

Birth Issues

If Jacob has to find a replacement, how do you think he would of planned to do it? Wouldn't he logically try to do it in the same way "Mother" did? By stealing the baby of a pregnant mother? I believe MIB somehow stopped Mothers from being able to give birth to stop Jacob from being replaced to ultimately allow him to leave the island. However Jacob found a way to bring people to the Island and his belief that some people were good allowed him to pick candidates.

Why Jacob wants to prove people are good and how MIB could leave

To leave the Island MIB must extinguish the light - release the energy. But we each have a little bit of that light within us - that is why Widmore warns Jin that if "it" leaves life as we know it will seize to exist and many other people warn the same thing. That is why Widmore was looking for pockets of energy - to find the light that needs protecting.

To MIB it doesn't matter - to him we are maipulative, we fight we destroy etc. Jacob believes that if he can prove MIB wrong he may understand that leaving (and thereby killing all of us) is wrong. He believes, or rather believed that he could persuade MIB from stopping trying to leave.

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