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The Very End by Graham Hughes

The finale will be similar to ‘The Constant’ with our Losties having their consciousnesses transported back and forth between the Original Timeline (OT) and the Flash-Sideways Timeline (FST), all the while they will be striving to complete tasks in both timelines – in the OT to stop the Man In Black and in the FST to get to their constant before they go mad/die (a neat reference will no doubt be made to Faraday’s journal entry – ‘my constant will be Desmond Hume’).

It’s all building up for a big showdown in the FST hospital – Jin and injured Sun, Locke having changed his mind, Claire about to give birth to Aaron, Kate will no doubt need to go to the hospital accompanied by detective Sawyer, Charlie will be there after another suicide attempt, Desmond will show up trying to jog Jack’s memory, Penny trying to stop him...

In the end, our Losties will escape the island not on the plane or on a boat, but by fully transferring their consciousness into the FST. Hurley will get with Libby, Sun and Jin will be alive and together, Charlie will see Claire in the hospital and recognise her from his OT memories, Desmond and Penny, Sawyer and Juliet (“it worked!”), Kate and...

Well that’s the thing – I can’t see Jack leaving the island. It would all be a little too perfect. He’ll want to fix it – he’ll want to stay on the island and stop the Man In Black from escaping, even if that means sacrificing his freedom. Also, Kate stands no chance in the FST, her only means of escape is to stay with Jack on the island.

I can’t see OT Ben surviving to the end - he's damned and so is Widmore. They will probably die killing each other. And I'd be surprised if Richard or Miles made it out. In the end, I reckon only Desmond, Sawyer and Hurley will 'escape' via transferring their island memories to their FST counterparts.

The Man In Black will be dragged into the light by Super-Desmond. I guess he’ll just have to try to escape again in another 2,000 years.

As for Locke...

If I was writing the script, the last shot would be of Locke in the Flash Sideways Timeline, cured of his paralysis (by Jack, I presume) standing on the hillside looking down over LA. A sinister smile curls on his lip...

The Man In Black didn’t escape... did he...?

Extreme close-up of Locke’s eye. Cut to black. LOST.

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