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Having spent the last few days reading other peoples interpretations and theories about MIB/Smokey/Flocke I think there is still alot of confusion regarding the difference between MIB`s smoke monster and the current timeline version we call Flocke.

The discovery of MIB`s body immediatly following the birth of Smokey has led to alot of speculation that Smokey took on the form of MIB, and now we are seing this repeated in the current timeline with Smokey taking on the form of Locke. I think I have an original theory here and it seems to make sense.

Here is the principle behind my theory.

Everyone has a body. Everybody has a soul, together they form a life.
The body is a product of "mother nature" and is needed to house the soul. The soul is a spiritual creation that has no form, therefore is seen as just a light.Each soul is a fragment of one source. When a soul is in a body it creates an individual entity, with free will and free mind until the body dies and the soul leaves the body and returns to the source in its pure form.
That source is on our island.
So here goes...

As Jacob manhandled his brother toward the light he told him "I`m not going to kill you". This proves (to me anyway) that when MIB`s body was floating into the cave toward the light he was still alive (albeit unconsious and drowning). When MIB`s body came into contact with the light MIB`s soul had not left his body and was still a seperate entity. This would have been like trying to stick to polarised magnets together and created a new phenomanon - Smokey.

Smokey is MIB`s conciousness trapped in his soul left in limbo and forced to somehow create its own form using the electromagnetic enomaly created as described above. When a body dies on the island Smokey can absorb the soul before it can return to the "light". This is how he can take their form without using the actual body. This however does not allow the soul to return to its pure form and thats why we have "whisperers".

I have aot more to say but before I spend anymore time on this I think some feedback would be good.

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