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Who moves on, who doesn't and why by Sadi Byrd

I've been trying to keep up with the alt theories, but if this is a rehash, I apologize. My mom was another avid fan and she didn't understand the alt verse, so she encouraged me to put this up.

I think we understand the people in the church had made peace with their lives and now that they were reunited, were ready to move on. Those that proceeded Jack in death, and those that survived Jack, lived their lives and were waiting to reunite again in the afterlife. Kate tells him essentially that she has missed him so long....Why was Jack the last one to reach conciousness? I'm not sure. I think Jack was a father in his alt life because one of the guilts that he carried with him into his death was that he couldn't be a father for Aaron. The "daddy issues" with Christian plus the guilt over leaving everyone behind made him hate himself and fear being this important figure for Aaron, especially knowing that he was his uncle and he was unable to save Claire. This haunted him, which is why it was also important for him to welcome Claire so warmly into his life in the alt verse. Jack was the only one we saw with physical manifestations of his death haunting him in the alt. verse, the scar, the bleeding neck - I think it was because he was resisting "crossing over" so much because he wanted to fix his life and make peace, but the "real world" kept literally "bleeding through."
Ben cannot move on yet. The apology from Locke helps "a little" but he has just reconnected with Rouseau, and needs her and Alex to "wake up" so he can be forgiven by them in order to move on. I think peace is possibly been made with his Dad as his Dad apologized to him in "Dr. Linus" for the island, but possibly they still have some steps to go, too. Rosseau and Alex are living in the alt what they didn't get in real life - a life with each other. When Ben becomes a part of that family. I bet they will awaken and forgive him and then they will move on.

Ana Lucia is not ready yet. In the alt world she is still a corrupt cop. She has to work through her demons still.
Richard isn't in the church because he wasn't a part of the tightly knit grouped that loved and died and sacrified together. He already had an eternity. well a century or so in a "limbo on earth" on the island; the grey hair Miles found meant his immortality was over and he got to lead a normal life span, andI bet when he died he had very little moving on to do in limbo - Isabella was probably waiting for him.

Miles was not there because, like Rousseau and Alex, what Miles always wanted was a life with his dad, and vice versa with Dr. Chang. I bet they are still going to live their lives in the alt to get what they didn't get in real life. Maybe after the island escape, Miles found love and that reconnection is waiting for him, too.

Elosie I think doesn't understand that they are in a limbo. That is why she is afraid that Desmond is going to wake up Daniel and "take' him away from her. She clearly has issues to resolve, and I think Dan won't become completely aware until he can do so with his parents. Charles will have to be forgiven for abandoning him, Elosise will need to be forgiven for killing him. They still have a ways to go, which is why Charolette made his life "bleed" into the alt. verse without "waking him".

I was angry at the end at first, I think in part because I was emotional, but now that the dust is settled I am happy with it. I wish we had answers about the island, but I get to answer them for myself instead. The next day I watched the Jimmy Kimmel intgerview with Matt Fox, and I think what he had to say about the character made me realize how amazing this ending really was. Thanks guys!

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