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What it was all about by Jamie

LOST was the story of a group of characters, the survivors of Flight 815 that were introduced to us in Season 1 – Claire, Hurley, Jack, Jin, Kate, Locke, Sawyer, Sayid, Sun, etc. It was always their story. They were always the focus and the prism through which most all events were viewed, and they are the reason why a not insignificant portion of the story takes place in the wider world, not on the Island.

LOST was not the story of the Island, the DHARMA Initiative, the Others, Jacob, the Man In Black, etc. You learned about these other characters (and I count the Island as another character, not just as setting) only because you needed to learn about them and their history in order to understand the stories of the characters that the show was really about. You learned about the mysteries of the Island because the characters the show was about were going to be influenced by those mysteries, and, in turn, they were going to write their own chapter in the Island’s already storied history.

That is the both the genius and the flaw of LOST: It presented us with tantalizing and well-crafted bits and pieces of lore and myth (e.g., the ancient history of the Island, DHARMA, the Others, etc.) that were, at many times, as or more compelling than the characters whose story LOST was truly chronicling. We loved the way it teased us and promised us answers to hidden mysteries and true secrets, which it never actually intended to reveal.

So, we may curse it, and call it a cheat. And maybe it is. But we also have to say: Thanks for the wild and outrageously fun ride!

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