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The Man in Black was right....maybe?? by BensEye

Throughout the narrative of season 6, we were given this on going story of Jacob vs. the Man in Black. Jacob was originally seen as good, and the Man in Black as evil. But as we got to know the human aspect of these once godlike beings, we saw that it wasn't so black and white. Jacob seemed like a blind follower of faith being led by a mysterious (almost Smoke Monster like) being, whereas the Man in Black was the practical, more likable figure, asking questions about the world, truly curious, and wanted off the damn island. Many viewers at that point sympathized with his intentions: "Why CAN'T the Man in Black leave the island?? Because of these made up rules??" And then, all of a sudden, in the final episode, it was as if this story was abandoned altogether in a rather hasty way, with little to no bearing whatsoever on the sideways world.

Ahh, but what if we were missing some obvious clues??
I'm still not convinced that the WHOLE time during the flash sideways it was an extended purgatory, but rather another timeline like we originally were led to believe. Keamy was killed, Jack had a son, they all had memories of their new lives and none of their old lives. (and if you say this is marlarky, I pose this question to you...what if Daniel gained memories of his past physicist genius self, created a time machine, and transported himself to the island pre-under water?? Couldn't he have continued the loop??) So the question remains, why the sudden change of heart?? All of a sudden they are all dead??

Well here's my theory.

We were told by many people on the island that if the Man in Black was able to escape, it would mean the end of the world. Ji Yeon wouldn't exist (she wasn't in the church). Everyone would die (and that's exactly what wound up happening).

I hated the notion that the Man in Black was Christian Shepard the whole time in seasons 1-5, but looking at the finale, it sort of makes sense. Desmond turns out the light in the island. And then suddenly they find the casket in the flash-sideways. It makes the whole opening scene more ominous (and yet redemptive) if you think about it as symbolic of the Smoke Monster finally escaping.

Desmond was the Smoke Monsters ace in the hole. He was the loophole. The exception. With Desmonds help, the light was extinguished, releasing Smokey finally (which would explain why he suddenly became mortal...he just wanted to die). This is further given credence with Man in Blacks last words..."you're too late". Jack WAS too late. The releasing of the Smoke Monster created the "afterlife" scenario that we were witnessing in The End.


According to this theory, the light in the middle of the island was the gateway to heaven, the only way the people who encountered the island could move on. Having someone "guard" it was just a way of making sure that the cycle would repeat, no one would be able to escape the loop, and in a way was a selfish duty. A symbolic fountain of youth, a way to stay on earth forever without moving on. Once it was released, it wasn't a bad thing, it was a fantastic thing. So this theory induces that the Man in Black had good intentions (and was right) and Jacob also had good intentions (but was wrong).


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