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Jughead was a red herring by b3nz0r

Hello all, long-time reader, first time poster. Too bad I waited for the show to end before posting, but at least we're still left with questions to mull over (as I'm sure was quite intentional).

I believe that not only was Jughead not detonated, but it also wasn't used in the creation of the failsafe that Desmond triggers. I believe that the detonation of the bomb was used to mislead the audience into believing that it created two separate timelines (usually "the bomb detonated" and "the bomb didn't detonate"). However, in light of the FSW actually being a limbo-type place, it's my opinion that the best way to keep this secret until the reveal would be for the audience to believe that the FSW was actually going on in real life. That is to say, that it was either a post-island flashforward (technically true, but not in the capacity that it is assumed by many), or another separate universe where Jacob didn't influence anyone, and the bomb sank the island.

When Juliet "blows up the bomb," a flash occurs. If you watch closely, the white flash doesn't come from the bomb itself, but rather from everywhere. Clearly the time flash took our heroes back to the 2007 time. Juliet is down in the hatch, but it's not blown up due to the incident or even Jughead, it is in the state of disrepair that it is due to Desmond turning the failsafe key.

As others have stated, if the bomb really went off, it would have killed a TON of people. Notably, Radzinsky and Chang both survived, and were both just above where the bomb would've exploded. They clearly survived since Radzinsky was the first occupant of the Swan, and Chang (at very least) recorded the Swan video in 1980.

The reason I'm quick to discredit the bomb later being fused into the Swan failsafe is the very same reason. Many people would've died from a hydrogen bomb exploding, yet nobody actually is killed from the "incident" that the Losties experienced.

I apologize for this not being particularly well-written and/or hard to follow, but when I came across this in my head at work today it seemed a completely viable and reasonable explanation and put my own confusion to bed on the subject.

I apologize if this has all been said before.

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