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We DID get all the Answers by lespl2009

The End was exactly what it needed to be – really an extra long Lost episode, but with more of a conclusion than usual. It moved the story to some sort of conclusion while introducing some new mysteries along the way to keep Lost’s parallels with real existentialism alive and well. It was the same show we have become addicted to, and The End didn’t shatter the legacy, but preserved the legacy and reinforced it at that.

I challenge anyone to name a mystery that wasn’t answered or needed more of an answer. And be careful what you wish for.

For instance do you really want to know how the Island’s Light got there? The real point is – there is this place where strange things can happen, and those strange things put our characters into definitive situations and created this Island that is a microcosm of the real Earth complete with the ambiguity and mystery of how we got here ourselves. The Island is an analogy to the real Earth we live on but with existentialism (origin, time, consciousness, existence, death) amplified. Do you really want to see some cheesy scene where some god figure sets all this up? Might as well be a Monty Python cartoon.

Lost showed us all that was necessary and we have all the answers. Remember, Lost is a television show that had to keep viewers coming back every week for six seasons. The producers tried to think of interesting things they could put on a mysterious tropical island. Do you really expect them to invent a cohesive back story that glues together every last detail mystery they showed us? There never was one unifying theory that “solves” Lost. That kind of constraint would have resulted in a less interesting show and I for one am glad creative license won out over following a rule book.

For instance, you might ask why is Locke Ness made out of smoke? It doesn't matter that it was smoke or steam or coconuts. It might have been an interesting side bar during some episode, but the writers decided not to go there for whatever reason. It doesn’t move the story forward because it’s a “detail mystery” not driving any story arc. The writers had to pick and choose which detail mysteries would get concrete back stories and lot’s of them didn’t make the cut. Those were writing choices. Did you like the writing in Lost or not? I did.


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