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Lost-Series Theory by Felecia George

The sole storyline of this show revolves around the redemption the characters. The main character’s story is Jack Shepard’s from beginning to end. The show was not about the island, mythology, timelines, dharma etc. it was about having faith and living your life for that purpose whether you know all the answers or not. Faith is about believing in something whether or not you know the meaning of it. The story revolved around these core characters and the relationships and emotional connections with one another. Although we got a glimpse into each of the other characters lives the message of the show revolved around Jack’s journey.

The island: The Island was REAL. Everything that happened…happened. Oceanic 815 crashed---the survivors survived. Boone was killed in the plane, Shannon by Anna Lucia, Sun and Jin by drowning etc. The ending of the show does not change what happened to the characters in their past, present, or island life. Jacob and the Man in black represented a form of good and evil on the island. The light was basically a combination of the balance of good and evil. This energy needed to be protected so too much of it was not released into the world and cause chaos. Many will argue that this side of the story was never fully explained but to me it wasn’t as much as part of the story as how this responsibility tested Jack’s faith and the sole purpose in life. This is something he HAD to do to fulfill his purpose no matter how much he really knew about it. Protecting the light and sacrificing his life showed how much he had grown from a man of science to a man of faith.
Sideways Timeline: This was not actually a timeline but a sort of “purgatory.” When the characters died this is where they went. They did not all die in the crash, or even at the same time. But when they did die they all went to the same place. Because these characters had such a large impact on each other’s lives the created this place after death where they could all reunite and move on to heaven (or wherever) together. The entire “purgatory” was an alternate life they created until they accepted the fact they had died and they needed each other to do that. It makes it very clear during the show the island life WAS real and that they did not all die in the crash. Hurly and Ben remained on the island and protected the light for who knows how many years following Jack’s death. Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Lapidius, Richard, and Claire made it off the island and possibly returned home to finish their lives. As for the rest of the survivors their lives ended as it played out in the show.
The reuniting of the characters and Jack’s sacrifice were beautiful and emotionally satisfying. As for the hundreds of questions that people believe remain unanswered they were insignificant in the large scheme of things. The questions that needed to be answered were. The whole purpose of Lost was to keep you asking questions, to let you analyze the show to come up with your own interpretations. I feel like if the show would have ended any other way…it wouldn’t have been LOST.

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