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Theory of the island and the light by DharmaDave

A Theory of Lost (Part I)

When the universe was created, it was created through massive amounts of energy created through the big bang. From that energy all of the planets were formed. Earth formed around that energy. All land mass at first was formed around that energy when the earth was in Pangaea. So all of the land on our planet surrounded that energy, and was a part of that energy. Through continetal drift, land masses broke off from the whole and eventually formed the continents that we know today. The piece of land that held this energy in its belly, was isolated from the rest of the world through continental drift, becoming an island, The Island.

This energy is where all life on earth comes from. It is where all life returns to when it dies. It holds all of human experience in it. It holds knowledge of all time and space. Without this light, all life on earth will cease to exist, this light is where we come from, and where our conscienceness returns to when we die, if this light were to go out, not only will life cease to exist, but our afterlife would cease to exist. This energy/light is god, the devil, Buddha; it is the mystery of life and afterlife.

Being isolated as an island, this light was protected. However, thousands of years ago, the island was discovered by man, probably by a ship wreck, or some other kind of accident. These people realized the island held unique properties and searched for the source to harness those properties, or to worship the source as a god. They found the cave that the water flowed from and the light and some went down there willingly to investigate, or more likely was violently forced down into the light as a sacrifice by these primitive people to the god of the light. That person became the first smoke monster. The light is pure energy and contains the consciousness of all the dead. It was never mean to be absorbed by organic matter. The result of combining organic matter that contained human consciousness with the energy is for the human’s consciousness to split form his/her body and to become pure consciousness while absorbing some of the energy from the light which gives it the ability to manipulate itself into the form of any person whose consciousness was absorbed by the light in their death, and also the ability to read the minds of the living.

Most likely this was a virgin girl, as was usually the custom for a sacrifice. This person killed all of her people as vengeance for her loss of humanity. She also realized what this light was, or had her own ideas of what is was, and appointed herself guardian of the light. (Maybe these people were the Egyptians who built the temple and the statue).

Many many years later, she grew weary of her lonely position and longed for companionship and a successor, and (much like Jacob did to the losties) willed someone else to come to the island. These new people were instantly killed except for a little girl, who eventually became Jacob and the MiB’s “mother”. “Mother”s “mother” raised her to believe in the importance of the mission of protecting the island and to distrust the nature of man. She forced mother down into the light so that she would become a smoke monster and have the power to defend the light from any men who might locate the island. Mother then was forced to kill her mother, and live alone on the island and protect it, until she became weary of the island and her role and sought a successor. She then willed Claudia’s boat to wreck on the island and stole her twin boys so that she may raise them, for one of them to take over for her as island protector. (And we saw how that story played out)

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