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This is my first lost theory, and I am very excited. I read this site a lot, and feel like I should share what I think is going on.


I think that we are all a little sad that the Ben Linus we used to know and love is well, gone. Most people are having trouble accepting the fact that Ben isn't as incredible as he used to be. I even wish this wouldn't have happened. But I have accepted it.

Like Sayid before him, Mr. Linus will have to redeem himself for his years of sin. See I am fairly certain by this point that Linus was "Infected". As we saw in "The Candidate", Sayid seemed to snap out of his zombie ways and have feelings again. I think that the zombie lifestyle is only one small effect of being infected. Claire obviously seems to still be an emotional wreck, and she has been infected. So I think when Ben was shot, he died, and was infected, maybe even without the temple master at the time even knowing (not sure if it was still Doghen back then).

----Jack & Desmond (Brotha)-----

I feel like the good doctor is officially the candidate and WILL replace Jacob. But there is still one last sacrifice that has to be made. This is where Desmond comes in. I predict Des will be forced into taking over for the MIB. Not sure how it will happen, my guess is with a ton of electromagnetism, but it will. Sorry Penny.

----ATL (Not ALT, Alternate Time Line)----

No clue really. I have a feeling it has to do with the ripple that was previously talked about. Look, I hate to be the guy that still thinks that jughead caused the ATL, but they didn't blow up (or not blow up) a bomb, and then just flash through time for no reason. It would be kind of silly if they did. So I am pretty sure it worked, and time hasn't caught up to the island yet. Don't forget "They're coming". Who knows this could be referring to the time line catching up after Jughead went off.

Don't forget, when you toss a stone in a calm lake, it takes awhile for the ripples to come to shore.

Last thought, It's TOTALLY Rose and Bernard in the caves.

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