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The Man In Black will redeem himself by James

This is a long stretch. I think it might be possible. I've noticed that Jacob has been handing The Man In Black a white rock numerous times in the six season. The Man In Black threw it into the ocean. Jacob is handing the white rock to the Man In Black because he believes that good still exists inside of him. The Man In Black threw the rock into the ocean because he believes that he is truly evil and that nothing will change that. Right now fans agree he is evil due to previous shocking deaths. I won't spoil it. People will get the hint.

We are pretty angry with him right now. However,why the white rock. The hint I think came from Ben. Ben killed John Locke and he killed Jacob. However, he did ultimately redeem himself and turned good. This means that even the man in black can become good. The Man In Black has lost his faith in the world. Everyone is evil and everyone is corrupt. Mayb! e he did not believe this sentiment at some point but now he obviously does. However, I have a feeling that he will change his mind and Jacob will prove him wrong. I think toward the end game Jack (probably the new Jacob due to Sayids words "Its going to be you") will get close to defeating the Man In Black. However, the Man In Black will win. Jack will lose and he might die in the process at this point. However, I think Jack will get valuable information from Hurley. Hurley will tell the secret of the white rock since he talked to Jacob. My guess Jacob was accidentally responsible for the death of the Man In Black's constant. In some accident that killed his constant/love he was transformed into the smoke monster as well. Hence the dead bodies Adam and Eve. This explains the animosity toward Jacob. As for going home I think he wants to be human again. He might turn someone else into the smoke monster and go home to his own time. My best guess is the candidate ! for the smoke monster sue to surviving electromagnetic events.! He might also be the ringbearer as in carrying the Candidate position until Jack takes it over. The Man In Black wants to go home but to where? My guess back to his own time. He may use the wheel, go back in time and save his constant. This might be bad because it will release the electromagnetic energy aka the darkness/hell etc. He is devoted to saving the love of his life so much that he is willing to kill everyone and everything in the future. How's that for true love. Maybe the time traveling was disrupting the island. Hence maybe that is why it sunk. Maybe The Man In Black turned the wheel. That would explain why it is unerwater in in the alternative reality. Also, why does he have a soft spot for Claire? My guess she looks like his constant or the women he loved. He also said he had a crazy mother. Maybe he won't kill her because Claire is like his mother. Either way the white rock will come back. There is a point to this. Hurley will relay a messag! e from Jacob. Jacob will say via Hurley, "I'm sorry. It was my fault." The Man In Black will stop his death mission. One word for Lost is, "Let it go." The Man In Black needs to let it go. He will go back to his position or die. My bet the lst option or he's just plain evil.

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