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Desmond is a candidate by bobby

Okay, when Jack was in the lighthouse and turning the wheel the name Wallace(I think) was at #108. I also think that the name had not been crossed out. I think somehow Desmond is Wallace. Here is my main reason for thinking this. Desmond arrived on the island by sea. So if he had to return like he came(like the Losties had to recreate their arrival)coming back on the sub would somewhat recreate that. Widmore also was to blame for Desmond arriving both times as well. The first time because Des was trying to prove his worth to Widmore, the second time because Charles drug his butt there. Another reason why I think he is a candidate is because Flocke did not kill him on his own. He sent Sayid to do it. If he wanted him dead and he is such a big threat then why didnt smokey do it himself. They were alone together in the jungle and Sayid was the only other person who knew Des was even on the island. Simple! answer is he cant because Desmond is a candidate.

Maybe what makes Desmond so special is that he is a creation of the islands properties just like smokey is. I know that there has not been any info on what exactly smokey is made of but I would bet the farm he is a product of some electromagnetic incident that occured long ago. Much like the one Desmond encountered when turning the failsafe key. The only difference is Desmond was consumed by a different kind of energy. I am not as sure about the second part of my theory as to what makes Desmond special. But I feel strongly that he is a candidate. What do my fellow Lost-aholics think? Have a nice day.

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