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Hey ! This is something that occurred to me tonight, forgive me if it has already been theorized.
We all know that the Valenzetti Equation predicted the end of the world ; what most of us took for granted is that it could be avoided by changing one of its variables. Well I think it can't, and that the whole point of exploring the island/harnessing its powers is not to change variables that are rock-solid but to try and discover an alternate reality in which at least one variable is different, meaning a reality that has a future.

"They fight... they destroy... Always ends the same" : MIB believes that such a universe does not exist, hence he wants OUT (out of the planet ? Maybe out of our very plane of existence) This is interesting insofar as it would mean that the Valenzetti equation is somehow related to the good/evil behaviour of men.

Yet the ALT we are being presented is indeed the (only ?) parallel universe that has a future : an interesting thought may be that it has a future because of things that happened in other ALTS (as they are somehow related). All the differences between the two ALT we have come to know point in this direction : Jack has a son, Hurley is no longer a doomed, unlucky man...

Tell me what you think !

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