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This theory is broken up into a couple of parts because I originally had it as a few separate theory's.

Part #1 a Adam and Eve.

Rose and Bernard are the obvious choice for Adam and Eve but that's way to simple for Lost. Also for the decay to make sense they would have had to die right after we saw them in the seventies.

My picks for Adam and Eve are Daniel Farraday and Charolette Lewis. This may be far fetched but here me through. We assume they died in different times but we don't really know when it was that Charolette died? It could have been 77 or close to it anyway. And your probabley thinking "but Daniel died with the others and they are all about buriing the dead, it's even in the contract they had with Dharma". I am assuming the reason that they want the dead people buried is so that smokey wont take over their bodies. But Eloise most certainly would want her son back even if it was part smoke monster. She shot him before she got to talk to him so I think she would want any extra time she could get with him. And perhaps a Smoke Monster Daniel is how she got all of her advanced knowledge of the future? Eloise probably convinced Charles Widemore (his father) to instead burring him, sneak his body to the caves, cause I don't know the smoke monster likes caves? On the way to the caves ! they stumble upon charlotes body and eloise is like hey that's the girl my son said he loved when he flashed into the 50's, lets bring her to the caves too so they can be happy together. And the stones? Um... Eloises lucky rocks that she gave to her son on his deathbed?

Part #1 b Adam and Eve and Miles Straume

Miles and Lapidus are the only ones sill around from the freighter. Lapidus has to fly the plane so I get why he's still around but Miles has had one line every few episodes? And Hurley can talk to the dead so why haven't they killed Miles off yet?I believe he still has two great things to do before he dies.
After retriveing the explosives from Dharmaville, team Richardus will make thier way back to the beach camp. Along the way they will discover the caves which I don't believe any of them have seen before? They will find the Adam and Eve skeletons and Miles will use his ghostbusting powers to deduce whom they are.

Part #2 a The Outrigger and Sawyer
Last season when the island was jumping through time we saw one side of the Outrigger gun fight and it looked as though Juilette shot one of the people on the other Outrigger. I think it would be poetic if the person she shot was Sawyer in the future (our present) and he dies.

Part #2 b Outrigger and Miles
As poetic as that may be I don't think they will actually do it. For one he's on the wrong island right now. Miles will tell Ben and Richard that it was them (including Locke) that took the other Outrigger when they were jumping around in time. Richard will suggest that if they kill Locke on that outrigger he will not get off the island and bring everyone back thus stopping all of what's going on right now. So it will be Team Ricardus shooting at them after they have gotten the explosives from Dharmaville. They will not be successful and Miles will be shot and killed since he will be useless to the story after telling them about the Outrigger.

Thanks for reading. I hope it makes sense?

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