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Claire is MIB's mother by Johnny Boy

Here we go!
So in an earlier episode this seasn MIB tells Kate that he had a crazy mother. He then lets Kate know that he wants her to raise Aaron instead of Claire. He states that he does not want Aaron to have a crazy mother like him. The question is why not? I believe that this is because he is Aaron and either wants Kate to raise him for one of a two reasons.

1. Whatever happened happened: This all has already occured and Kate was always the one who raised MIB/Aaron.

2. Whatever happened happend 2: They all get off the island and Claire, now a bit loony, has always raised MIB/Aaron, and he does not want this same outcome this time, hence the suggestion that Kate raise Aaron.

What MIB wants: MIB realizes that he is in a big loop and the only way for him to get out is to have never gotten in, thus he needs Kate to raise him, so that the chain of events that led him to the island doesn't occur.

What is Best for the Rest: In the first season Claire sees a psyhic who says that she has to raise Aaron or bad things will happen. Perhaps he knew what would happen if Aaron were raised and lived off the island.

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