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Unpredictable but at what cost?? by Kerim Kazgan


What really Lost is all about??

Firstly, I need to admit, I enjoyed it very much…..

As a Star Trek/X Files fan; Lost is at the same level for me….
Now let’s be realistic…..

This was a TV Show; not a real life event nor it was based on any real life event we know :) …..

There were extremely hot babes wondering around like Kate, Shannon, Juliet, Liebe and Claire and good looking men which helped the Show’s ratings like any other Hollywood production….

Would the Show have been as popular as it has been if the producers were the main characters???

Anyway; I do not want to become too sarcastic…

The storyline was perfect in the first 5 seasons and the 6th season was open to all kinds of possibilities. I believe the producers being afraid of becoming predictable, decided to create an unusual ending at the opportunity cost of the possible better endings….

I have read some theories here; thanks to all Losties; which would have made much better (subjective word of course!!) endings such as Jack dying in the Sideways and being the only survivor on the Island.

I am sure that the producers anticipated even before the Show started to air that the Island would be considered as Purgatory and explicitly denied this in every occasion. All of us Losties, we were so into the theories that the Purgatory theory was too simple for us; and we made everything out of the Sideways but the Purgatory!!!

In my humble opinion, producers as also said in their interviews, are very happy that nobody anticipated their official version of the ending, and are smiling at all of us stil trying to make other things out of the Sideways and the Island.

Good novels are the ones that open up your imagination…

Great novels are the ones that make you associate with the storyline…

Lost was a great novel; but I am ready for the next one……

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