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I am a pretty descent lost fan. I’m certainly not the biggest but I have seen every episode at least twice. Not sure if anyone has posted anything like this. I looked around and did not see anything. Anyway here it goes.

I’m going to write this starting in time from the beginning and working my way to 2010.

I think that Jacob hatched this plan the day after Richard tried to kill him. To me it became apparent to Jacob that he was going to need outside help to kill MIB all the way back when MIB manipulated Albert to kill Jacob. That said Richard took the position of advisor to the others on the island speaking for Jacob.

Jacob used his power to bring Jughead to the island. He knew he would need the Bomb later.

Through the years I think it was the direction of Jacob to the others to bring the Dharma Initiative to the island. A truce was set up between the two camps. The others protected the island, but the Dharma Initiative tasked to study and perform tests on the island with the ultimate goal to destroy the smoke monster.

The DI eventually found the link of the island energy, electromagnetism, and the smoke moster. The reason why Jacob wanted Jack, Kate, Hurley, and crew to travel back to the 1970’s was to cause the incident. Jacob needed the incident to happen; he needed the Dharma hatch to be constructed. After the Dharma hatch (The Swan), and the Dharma monitoring station (The Pearl) were constructed the Dharma Initiative was no longer needed and Jacob gave the order to get rid of them.

We fast forward to the 2000’s now. With the Dharma hatch constructed he needed one single Person (Desmond) to use the Dharma Initiative vaccine and be exposed long enough to the island electro magnetism where he became immune to the islands power light. During this time the others were tasked to watch him using the Dharma monitoring station. The others were also instructed to begin to build a runway on Hydra Island.

Jacob brought his remaining candidates on Oceanic 815 to the Island. All the candidates survived the crash without any major damage and in fact healed anyone who was seriously hurt. He needed the Oceanic 815 survivors to fight with the others in a war where only the strong survived. The 815 survivors discovered the hatch and a seriously confused Desmond were freed.
Jacob needed the hatch to explode so Charles Whitmore would send his soldiers to destroy what was left of the others. This allowed a few of the Oceanic 815 survivors to get off the island. He sat back and watched the smoke monster convince John Lock and Ben the island needed moved. He watched as the smoke monster convinced John Lock that he needed to die so the ones who left the island would return. Jacob needed John to die so the others would return and be transported back to the 70’s to cause the Incident.

Jacob did one more thing before he was killed. He contacted Charles Whitmore to bring Desmond back.

Jacob allowed the smoke monster to manipulate Ben to kill him. This gave the smoke monster the hope that he could get the rest of the candidates to kill themselves and he could sail away on his boat.

When a few candidates survived the smoke monster decided to use Desmond and put the light out

The rest we know from the season finale. Basically Jacob needed everything to happen from the DI to Desmond becoming immune to allow Jack to finally kill the smoke monster when he had no special powers.

Now for my thoughts and wishes.

I like the direction the show went. I would have loved if the writers went more the direction of season 1 then 2 through 5. After the discovery of the hatch they should have looked on the island for the next mystery to discover and make that the focal point like they did in season 1. Maybe in season 2 the hatch could have connected to a tunnel system under the ground that spanned the entire distance of the island and different more mysterious stations. Maybe it was the experimentation on those stations that made the island special or created the black smoke creature. It would have been cool if the others on the island really did live in huts and maybe were the left over scientists who unleashed all the darkness on the island.

You guys get what I'm trying to say. I mean I love then show to death but wish it stuck with the sci-fi part. I love the original concept for the show what was survivor with a sci-fi influence.

The show got a little bland for me when I learned the others were nothing more than regular people and nothing really sci-fi happened in season 2. When the balance turned more mythological than sci-fi I think the viewing numbers declined.

That all being said I’m going to really miss watching lost.

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