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The unifying theory behind LOST by Mr_Friendly

Forgive me for calling this a 'theory' but didn't know where else to post this...

LOST has polarized a large group of people world wide into staring at flashing lights on a TV religiously for six years. Once a week, much like a flock goes to church, but it never ends there. The 'service' ends, and the community drains into the lobby where they discuss the 'sermon' they were all privy to just moments before.

If LOST is the religion, and we are the followers, people like Dark, ODI, Vozzek, Robz888 et al. are the deacons and well meaning parishioners that make sure the needs of the community are attended to regularly. They lead discussions (live chats), share alternate interpretations of the texts (recaps) and organize community activities (fantasy/prediction leagues).

LOST took disparate people from all over the world and placed them all on an island. We are the community, but at the same time, we are those characters. We all empathize with them, feel for them when things don't necessarily go the way they would have hoped, and feel the pain of their loss and absence... All our lives became intertwined and entangled thanks to LOST, and love or hate the finale, you chose to board Oceanic 815 on 9/22/04 just like everyone of our characters did. WE are the survivors of Oceanic 815.

It is through the darkness we have trekked, blinking, to step towards the light. The deepest and most heartfelt appreciation to Team Darlton and everyone involved with the show, not forgetting the immeasurable work and dedication that every blogger, podcaster, recapper, commenter, lurker and fan has put into making the LOST journey one of the most richly rewarding trips of our lives.

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