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Lost Finale - You All Everybody by solchron

This ending has a probability of .08 according to Mrs. Widmore.


We see Kate, Penny, Juliet, and Charlotte at concert. Jack, Desmond, Faraday and Miles are there too. Sawyer is not there.

Kate is spotted by Miles just as Drive Shaft comes out on stage. Miles starts his way over to Kate to arrest her. The band starts to sing "You All Everybody." Miles turns towards the music. Jack sees Miles and Kate. Faraday sees Charlotte. Penny and Desmond watch.


Miles finds Desmond. Desmond communicates with Ben via walkie-talkie. Miles and Desmond split up.

[ Sad but heroic scene involving Hugo, Kate, Sawyer and MIB -- too sad to describe. ]

Jack leads Locke and Ben to river entrance. Locke cuts Jack's throat. Jack manages to push Locke into water much like Jacob pushed MIB into water. Desmond appears and jumps into water holding Locke down. They struggle and float into the cave. Ben whips out C4 and detonates it just before the cave entrace causing the cave to be sealed.

Inside the cave, Smokie is absorbed back into the Island Light in an expensive and highly realistic special effect shot.

Almost immediately the "life force" in the cave now begins to die because the Island water has been cut off. The Island source starts to overheat, much like a nuclear reactor that has its water supply cut off Desmond, Jack and Locke are alive and floating in the river inside the increasingly bright cave. Light starts to shine through the rock. Island flashes to pure white.


Desmond has a seizure at the concert and is rushed to the hospital. He is placed into a MRI machine. Penny watches on from the control room.

Next day, Desmond wakes up in hospital bed.
Jack operates on Locke's spine.

Plane lands on dusty runway. Nadia emerges from plane. The mayor of the local village greets her and personally drives her off. They arrive at a Habitat for Humanity work site. Sayid is there.

Miles takes Juliet to see Sawyer. They have coffee.


Dinosaurs on Island look up. Bright blinding flash and Island volcano explodes. Island begins to sink. We see the Island statue of Taweret sink under water.
LOST logo appears.

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