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Hugo Did It by Albert Awol

Time for one last theory before the finale folks, but first: I want to thank everyone who has read and commented and shared their theories about what Lost is. You all rock and have made this 6 season trip awesome!

In case it's not clear from the title, I believe we will get a very very specific answer come tomorrow night. It just won't be the answer anyone expects.

During the pilot, the recently deceased pilot Seth Norris was played by smokie in order to plant some false information into our newly arrived Losties heads. Smokie then promptly proceeded to chase them through a bamboo covered area directly towards the light, in an yet another ill conceived attempt to get someone else to find it.

Lest we forget, Smokie is OLD. Much much older than 2,000 years. So what gives on the back story? You've got to start thinking in 4 dimensions. Just because he was created at a certain point in time doesn't mean he wasn't able to travel to another. During the 1970's, Smokie probably figured out that there were time travelers walking amongst the DI. He probably hitched a ride in spider form back to the ancient pre-well era and jumped ship there, to become the god to the early island inhabitants. This is why we have a temple built to him. But when time loops back around, he can always jump again. (and probably has, many times)

This is what gives smokie the ability to appear as multiple people in multiple locations. After jumping any subsequent time, everything else he's already done is still going to occur. He can simple add another piece to the board so to speak, like his opponents ability to move sideways.

So we potentially have X smoke monsters, who are really the same smoke monster, trying to figure out a loop hole to Mother's directives. And having found none, is ready to give up.

Remember, Jacob said that once the fire with his ashes burns out, no one would ever see him again. Smokie is the same type of manifestation, except his ashes are burning in the light that never goes out, and is thus stuck forever on the island.

Enjoy the finale folks, I hope everyone has the resolution they seek tomorrow night! But remember, Hugo did it.

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