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This is my very first Lost theory so I hope this has not been stated before.

Jacob has been looking for a 'candidate' to replace him. I am under the impression that the MIB would need a candidate to replace him as well.

Why not Aaron for MIB and Ji-Yeon for Jacob?

On Jacob's wall we have see the name 'Kwon', and most people suspect that this meant either Jin or Sun (or both), but why not their orphaned child Ji-Yeon? Who says that the replacement has to be a male and/or has to be on the island right now?

Ji-Yeon makes sense since she could some how get to the island in the future wondering what happened to her birth parents, and that is where she ends up being the new Jacob. Or comes to the island as a kid via another plane crash as her fate could be to come to the island, just like her parents.

Aaron on the other hand seems like an obvious choice for the MIB. When Claire went to see the psychic early on in season 1, the psychic flat out indicated to Claire that her child will be evil. We can also see that the MIB is very interested in Claire in season 5 and has been trying to get her on his side. She was the only person that was able to give birth on the island which has to be important to Lost.

The Others had brought in Juliet to figure out why children cannot be born on the island, and we have never been told why this is important. The Others have known about Jacob's list, and I'm sure his plans to find a replacement. There might be some prophecy that states that the replacement will be a child, and that child has to have some connection to the island. It could also be why the Others kidnapped all the women and children from the tail section of the plane, and why they kidnapped Claire and Walt from the front section of the plane.

I was at one time thinking Walt may be a good candidate/replacement for Jacob, but his name does not appear to be on Jacob's list.

The 4-towed statue Taweret also ties into this as Taweret is the Goddess of childbirth and fertility.

Anyways I could be wrong, but would love to hear your opinion.

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