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Thinking it thru again, I've got a riff on the Desmond brothers theory that I like just as much...

In this scenario, the Desmonds do *not* swap bodies and realities.

[A summary of some of my jargon... LOST1 is the original show reality. LOST2 is the new, season 6, alternate reality. The snowglobe is the pocket dimension of the Island and as far as we know, all the beings we've met on the Island have their origins and histories in LOST1. I do refer to the Monster as Esau at times, but I'm not pushing for him to be the Biblical figure. When I throw a number after a character name, it's to denote which reality s/he's from.]

We see that when Desmond1 wakes up in the EM shack in LOST1, only seconds have passed, while he rode shotgun in Desmond2's head for days in LOST2. Narnian time, donchaknow, which refers to time passing much quicker in the alternate reality of Narnia than in our own world.

Now, what if Desmond1 actually rode shotgun in LOST2 for WEEKS and not just days? What if the syncing of OUR experience of Desmond1 waking in the shack and Desmond2 waking in the stadium is just an artifact of storytelling and a misleading convenience, not actual, in-story, simultaneity. I mean, there's no reason to think that one reality cares when the other is when anything happens in it, right?

So, I'm thinking that when Desmond1 wakes up in the EM shack, he's already seen the end/endgame of LOST2, his successful enlightenment of the LOST2 counterparts of the 815 gang, and the execution of some master plan to save reality/realities from the scheming of the Monster in LOST1 and its agents (Eloise?) in LOST2. This experience of a LOST2 "win" and witnessing Something Good in Widmore in the process, would explain his post-EM-zap behavior in LOST1.

Recapping, here's the journey that Desmond1's consciousness takes.

Zapped in the EM shack in LOST1, Desmond1 passes out.
Desmond1 wakes up in LOST2, a passenger in his counterpart's body. His counterpart, Desmond2, is unaware of his presence or experiences.
Charlie's gambit triggers the first sharing of memories between the two Desmonds.
The MRI triggers it again.
Meeting and shaking hands with Penny triggers it once more. Desmond2 faints.
Desmond2 regains consciousness in the stadium. Desmond1 is still riding shotgun. "Together," Desmond2 begins his mission to enlighten and reunite the 815 gang in LOST2.
Desmond1 continues to ride shotgun in Desmond2, helping execute a plan (conjured by Pierre and Daniel?) to end or alter the LOST2 reality and in doing so, "retroactively" thwart the Monster's plan in LOST1.
Desmond2 likely dies or is exposed to some crazy EM event or both in LOST2, releasing Desmond1's consciousness to return to his body in LOST1.
Desmond1 wakes up in the EM shack.

Voila! Easy as crazy pie.

Note that in this scenario's endgame, I'm referring to a rough outline of finale events I've mentioned in previous posts.

In LOST1, on the Island, the Monster succeeds in escaping the Island, which leads to the creation of LOST2, a changed reality outside the snowglobe.
In LOST2, Desmond and the Lostie counterparts somehow manage to unmake their reality, undoing the effect of the Monster's "win" in LOST1.
The final part of the LOST2 unmaking rolls back the events in LOST1 to sometime in 2004 after the 815 crash and before Esau is freed from Jacob's Cabin, and before Widmore's mercenaries arrive.
The Losties and Desmond are rescued by Penny's people. Claire and baby Aaron board a helicopter and leave the Island together.

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